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    Emma Maaranen

    Associate Coach / Bend, Oregon

      Coach Emma Maaranen corners on the mountain bike at the Sea Otter Classic Coach Emma Maaranen poses next to her fat bike after winning the US National Fat Bike Championship Coach Emma Maaranen focuses and she presses ahead on the mountain bike. Coach Emma Maaranen descends down a chute on the mountain bike. Coach Emma Maaranen gives an interview after her 2016 Fat Bike National Championship in the Elite Women

    Coach Emma Maaranen is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and ready for in-person coaching.

    Coach Emma Maaranen helps her athletes to deliver awesome race day performances and also understand how they got there. She collaborates with her athletes, educating them on the physiology behind training plans, biomechanics of skill development, and psychology of success. For Emma, the coaching process includes really getting to know the athlete so she can help them capitalize on individual strengths and sleuth out factors that are getting in the way.

    Emma’s career as a professional mountain biker has focused on cross country disciplines, but she has lined up for just about every MTB discipline including stage racing, enduro, 24 hr races, fat bike (she is the 2016 Pro Women National Champion), and even a “drag” race with a flaming log chained to her bike! She has also put time into the skinny tire disciplines including cyclocross and gravel and can help clients for those pursuits as well. Emma is not all brawn; she has 20 years’ experience as a sports injury therapist and movement educator working with athletes coming back from or avoiding injury and improving their propulsion patterns. She also shares her inner anatomy geek-ness teaching physiology-related courses at Central Oregon Community College.

    Athletes who seek an understanding of methods over a “do this” prescription thrive with Emma as their coach. Her cycling clients are interested in the big picture. They want to be healthy athletes and are enthusiastic about balancing rest, nutrition, cross-training and life demands to achieve that. She enjoys working with seasoned athletes who are trying a new discipline, juniors, and those with injury history. She is an expert on training while rehabilitating, reducing repetitive sports pathology, and returning to sport after significant physical events such as joint replacement or orthopedic trauma. As a mentor, she can help athletes plan their race season, develop multi-year goals, and navigate team contracts/ sponsorship.

    In addition to training plans, Emma can help with bike handling skills. Mountain biking is not just about fitness, how a rider navigates obstacles can be the deciding factor in a race or the stoke a rider has on the trail. She offers one-on-one or small group skill sessions in Bend, OR specific to the riders needs from cornering or riding drops. To support fitness goals, Emma offers Pilates based home training plans specific for individual sport endeavors.

    Emma knows first-hand about traumatic injuries and the lingering fear and anxiety they can generate. She has experienced extended periods of rehabilitation and retraining so she can relate to and support athletes dealing with the physical and psychological aftermath of falls or serious illness. She will personalize drills and move athletes along at a pace that is comfortable for them as they regain confidence.

    At home, Emma is a gastronome who is learning to forage for mycological delights in the Cascade Mountains and is learning to wield a sledgehammer for a major home renovation with her awesome husband. She admittedly reads too much and wears high heels whenever possible.

    Events: Duathlon, Endurance Mountain Biking, Half Marathon, Marathon, Mountain Bike Racing, Olympic/Sprint Triathlon, Running, Trail Running, XTERRA Triathlon

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Dirt Skills, Elite Development, General Fitness, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Working Athletes

    "Emma has continued to be incredibly responsive and supportive! The difference in my endurance capacity from even a few months ago is night and day. I would recommend her to anyone interested in doing endurance sports!" ~ E. Shay

    "I attended Emma's intro skills clinic and wanted to let you know how pleased I am with the results, and working with Emma. She went above and beyond in making herself available, answering questions and giving personal attention and feedback to each of us. What a confidence builder, motivator, coach and a wonderful lady all wrapped up in one ... I'm sure you are already aware of this but Emma is a golden nugget in the world of cycle coaches." ~Mike A.

    "When I first meet Emma I was in the midst of one of the many injuries that seemed to go hand in hand with my running. She took her time with me to not only work out the kinks but to show me how to properly strengthen and prevent a recurrence of the injury. Her knowledge and passion are unmatched and I owe the last six injury free years to the work she has done with me." ~ J. Milar

    "Knowledgeable, conscientious, and enthusiastic are just three words that come to mind to describe Emma. Not only is she an incredible and dedicated athlete, but she uses her knowledge and experience to teach in a way that kids enjoy. Emma helped our 12 year old daughter develop her bike handling skills and instilled in her a sense of confidence to ride further and challenge herself. We are so grateful for the time Emma spent with our daughter this summer!" ~-David and Sandy Visnack

    "Emma is such an amazing coach! She truly loves to bike and is more than happy to pass on her knowledge. I've learned so much from her over the summer!" ~ Natasha V, age 12

    "Emma is my sister, and as such I suppose sibling rivalry should make me reluctant to seek her advice. However, given the frequency with which she's completely saved me from disaster, I've put all such feelings aside. She's steered me through post-wreck bike fears with handling clinics, directed me on how to actively rehab injuries and advised me on how best to advance myself as an athlete. My latest debacle was a heat/humidity-related catastrophe at Nationals- a race I expected to be my big breakout performance. Emma was able to break down what had happened to my body, let me know what to expect, and advise me on how to speed recovery. She also had recommendations on how to prevent a repeat occurrence. Still more important, Emma was able to share some words of wisdom with me that helped me get back in the saddle when I was feeling shaken and full of self-doubt. So, even though Emma is my sister, who I therefore see as a giant dork (Who really likes birding anyway?!?), I guess she really knows her stuff. Okay, fine. She's pretty awesome at it." ~Sage Maaranen



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