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    Jay Andrew

    Coach / Miami, Florida

    Jay Andrew of Miami, Florida, is fully vaccinated for COVID-19 and is always excited to share his passion for cycling and fitness with anyone and everyone! Whatever your cycling goals, Jay will work with you to hone the skills necessary for you to be safe and perform your best. Specializing in helping new and aspiring riders, he trains people who are:

    • Learning to ride,
    • Coming back to riding
    • Getting into group riding
    • Starting to race road bikes
    • Taking up sprint distance triathlon

    With experience as a Cat 4 racer, bike-tourist and sprint-distance triathlete, Jay knows the wonderful experiences and friends one can find in the community of cycling and triathlon. His clients gain the skills they need to enjoy riding with others comfortably and confidently so they, too, can partake of all that cycling has to offer.  A veteran of many week-long cycling trips to beautiful places, Jay can help you develop the physical and mental strength needed for enjoyable and unforgettable rides.

    Jay has helped teens and young adults physically train for fitness and has mentored young adults interested in competitive road cycling. He also has helped older adults discover the joys of group road riding. With over 10 years of teaching classroom experience, Jay knows how to break down new concepts in a way that is fun, exciting, and enjoyable.

    Events: General Cycling Fitness, Learn to Ride, Olympic/Sprint Triathlon

    Services: Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, General Fitness, Road Skills

    "What a skillful, and amiable instructor Coach Jay is. I have never ridden a bike in my life. Today, thanks to Coach Jay’s skillful instructions, and superb patience and cheerfulness, I am riding a bike. I am so happy I paid for those lessons. Coach Jay is a definite keeper." ~ Gina T., full grown adult, North Miami, Florida

    "I'm 34 years old and have been putting off learning to ride a bike since breaking my arm as a small child, around the time I was on training wheels. Needless to say, learning to bike was long overdue for me, but something I was quite nervous to do. Jay made it easy. His instructions were clear and simple to follow, allowing me to quickly pick up what I needed to do. For things that weren't as intuitive to me, like making sharper turns, his positive attitude, and knowledge to adjust and tailor the lesson were crucial in helping me figure it out. With Jay's help, I felt safe riding both during the lessons—and now on my own upon completing them. In the years I've contemplated learning to bike, I've thought of it as a life skill that I would want to check off knowing how to do, simply for a sense of accomplishment. What I never envisioned, however, is how fun I'd find biking to be. I'm so glad to have learned and can't wait to get back on a bike." ~ Thanks again, Ben Shaw

    “I want to begin by saying a BIG THANK to you for assigning Coach Jay to my friend and I for our first "Learn to Ride Lesson". Our first class went extremely well! Coach Jay was engaging, thorough and very patient in providing instructions and guidance. We completed our first lesson energized and confident that with Jay's excellent coaching we can both achieve our goal of learning to ride a bike.” ~F. Louisy

    "Jay is amazing person and he taught me so much about riding over the years. He taught me the fundamentals on signaling while riding, pointing out obstacles on the road, and overall expertise on riding. Jay is a great communicator, a leader, and someone myself and others look up to. He is a really a role model." ~W. Smith

    "He would coach newer members of the club on riding safety, all aspects of operating their bicycles, and aspects of paceline riding. He was very patient and encouraging with our newer cyclists and was as happy riding with the newest, least experienced members of the club as he was riding with the fast crew. In fact, on one of our evening rides, Jason administered CPR to a new cyclist who was in cardiac distress, and he saved her life." ~ Chris G.

    "Jason has always been a supporter to those in the community. Whether through acting as a volunteer firefighter for his town or as a police officer, or coach. He cares for others and has their best interests at hand. ... Jason is caring, fun, and has the ability to read others to understand where they are coming from." ~

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