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    Jeff Crume

    Coach / Murrieta, California

    Learn to Ride. Love to Ride. Live to Ride.

    There’s no greater feeling than being able to say, “Yes! I did it!” Gaining skills on the road or mountain bike creates many opportunities for those, “I did it!” moments.

    Whether it’s learning to ride a bike, getting your driver’s license, hitting your first home run, or entering your first mountain bike race, there’s no substitute for achievement. Success boosts confidence and confidence fuels more success. The positive feeling you get from learning to ride a bike – or improving your technical skills – will carry over, helping you to be successful in other areas of your life.

    Jeff Crume’s passion in life is to inspire and empower people to achieve their highest potential. “It’s not about riding a bike, or climbing a mountain, or walking around the block, even. It’s about achieving something you may have never thought you would be able to achieve.”

    If you’ve never ridden a bike before, you’ve forgotten how to ride, or maybe you had a bad experience riding when you were younger and you never picked it up again, now is a great time to learn to ride, or to ride again. It’s also time to try the mountain bike or to take your beginning mountain bike skills to the next level.

    Jeff will help you develop your skills to be confident in a wider variety of riding situations.

    All you need is you. If you have a bike, great! If not, no problem, one will be provided for you. Your “yes! I did it!” moment is just a decision away.

    Head to the bottom of this page to schedule your first lessons, and let’s get you on the road to life / the life you know you deserve.


    A pastry junkie turned avid mountain bike enthusiast, Jeff credits his own personal transformation to biking. “I took up biking when I was 240+ pounds. I played golf at the time and remember having to lean on my putter to hold myself up after walking uphill on the green. I was so out of shape and a severe risk to my future self. Change was not an option, it was a mandate.”

    Jogging turned to running, running, to HIIT training, HIIT training to mountain biking. “In three years, nine months and seven days, I went from 240 lbs to 165 lbs. My max heart rate in the 190’s slowly decreased to the 150’s with a resting heart rate in the high 40’s to low 50’s.

    “I’ve seen it on a T-shirt, but I can actually attest to the fact, ‘Riding a bike literally saved my life.’ Now it’s about helping others achieve their personal goals both on and off the bike.” -Jeff Crume


    Jeff has completed training in Safe Sport, Concussions in Sport, and is a Level 1 NICA Coach.

    Events: Learn to Ride

    Services: Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, Confidence Issues, Dirt Skills, General Fitness, Road Skills

    "I found Coach Jeff Crume on Wenzel Coaching website and that marked the beginning of my
    success in bike riding again. Although I did ride bike many years ago I was concerned that
    refreshing my bike riding skills may not be easy to do it on my own. Wenzel Coaching quickly
    responded to my inquiry and I connected with Jeff Crume. It was easy to sign up on Wenzel
    Coaching website and set an appointment. Jeff Crume coaching involved two 90 minute Learn
    to Ride sessions at Los Alamos Hills Sports Park in Murrieta, California. I must say I am quite
    comfortable in riding bike now and with practice bike riding will become second nature.
    "Coach Jeff Crume is an excellent teacher, enthusiastic and encouraging. He is professional, well
    prepared, and very knowledgeable. To get started he inspected and rode my bike, and made
    some minor adjustments such as position of brake handles, etc. He started the training with a
    coasting exercise in which pedal are removed in order to learn to keep balance while riding.
    Next he trained using a systematic process of take offs, braking, turning, shifting, zig zag
    pattern using obstacles, and so on. Coach Jeff Crume is very methodical and makes sure every
    step is properly learned. I found learning to ride bike a very enjoyable experience. He makes
    learning very easy.
    "As a follow up to each training session he sent an email providing a complete review of lesson
    activities, his observations on progress and suggestions on how to improve, and homework
    items to be completed. He also provided video clips so I could see the progress. He has a
    complete beginner level system that does not assume any prior bike riding experience.
    "All in all it was a wonderful experience to learn to ride bike with Coach Jeff Crume." ~Shailendra Parikh, Ph.D.

    "Jeff Crume is the most motiving person I know. I coached football and basketball and before every big game, I would have Jeff come and speak to my teams. Multiple times I have had parents come to me and thank me for having Jeff speak, it did a lot for their child’s self-esteem. If you are looking to get motivated, overcome a Fear or just need to be encouraged then Jeff is your person. BTW Jeff’s license plate says "MOTIVAT"-- need I say more. ~ Coach Ron Thompson

    "Jeff is an incredible man. His strongest qualities are that of character, professionalism and motivation. His Character is unmatched. The most genuine man I have ever worked with. He is kind and caring, and extremely self-less. He is extremely professional and very personable. Everyone that comes in contact with Jeff loves him for his constant Motivation, regardless what the circumstances are. He always finds the good in everything and everyone." ~G. Colonna

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