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    Jeremy Russell

    Coach / Portland, Oregon

      Wenzel Coach Jeremy Russell of Portland Oregon sprints during a road race Coach Jeremy Russell rides during a cyclocross race Wenzel Coach Jeremy Russell climbs the stairs at a Bend cyclocross race

    Jeremy Russell is a certified USA Cycling Coach and a passionate advocate for his client athletes. His enthusiasm for training and racing is contagious and will motivate you to work hard and achieve your goals. Jeremy’s background in racing road, cyclocross, mountain bike and track gives him a good understanding of the amount of work, training, and special skills and tactics required for success — and with a masters degree in teaching, he’s able to convey the guidance you’ll need in a digestible way.

    Jeremy’s clients benefit from his working knowledge of building season-long fitness and event peaks. He will help you determine the abilities you’ll need to develop and then focus workouts as needed to strengthen slow twitch endurance muscles for long efforts and fast twitch muscle for sprints and high-intensity, punchy races. As a teacher, he understands that individuals learn differently, and that advice and directions need to be tailored to each client. Having worked his way to Cat 1 or Cat 2 in most of his events, he will share with you the tangible life experience that he’s gained along the way.

    Jeremy enjoys guiding ongoing training as well as teaching skills. He is comfortable teaching everything from bike handling and pack dynamics on the road to picking lines in a mountain bike or cyclocross race. If you want to be a faster, better bike racer, Jeremy can help you.

    Jeremy really does know what it takes to succeed at the highest levels of cycling. His racing experience and success include numerous top-10 finishes and championships in 1/2/Pro field in events primarily around the Pacific Northwest but also in the West and in New England. In road racing he is familiar with Western regional stage races such as the Chico Stage Race, Tour of Walla Walla, Capital Stage Race, and Baker City Cycling Classic. He earned the 2016 Best All-round Racer award on the road for the Oregon Bicycle Racing Association (OBRA). His cyclocross experience includes a series championship in 2015 at the Blind Date at the Dairy CX and experience at the Gloucester GP, among other races. On the mountain bike he was the 2015 Capital Forest XC 100 champion and finished the 2015 season as the Best All-round Rider in OBRA for all disciplines combined.

    Jeremy is eager to share the benefit of his experience. He lives in Portland with his wife and border collie, and if he isn’t riding and racing he’s bound to be gardening or playing Frisbee golf.

    Events: Cyclocross, Gravel Grinders, Learn to Ride, Mountain Bike Racing, Road Racing

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Criterium, Dirt Skills, Elite Development, Road Skills, Working Athletes

    "“Working with Jeremy has been one of the best experiences of my athletic life. His approach is relaxed, but designed to push you right to your limits and beyond. I receive training programs designed just for me, targeting my highly specific goals and responsive to both my skills and limitations. He shares his expertise from the bike, gym, and life-balance to create training plans that are both goal-driven and fit my life as a working adult. Having Jeremy in my corner inspires me and allows me to have a sense of calm and confidence with training and racing. Jeremy’s experience as an elite racer in every discipline allows him to understand the demands of training and racing, and imparts his wisdom in a hands-on applicable – not just theoretical – way.” ~Andrea Fisk

    "Jeremy is open, honest, caring, and smart. He will be empathetic ... and will help them become better athletes and happier people. His energy is incredibly positive, and that is infectious." ~Coach Christopher Bagg

    “Jeremy is deeply knowledgeable about both the training and the tactical requirements necessary to become a better bike racer. He is able to know you in a meaningful way, getting the best out of you and the strengths you bring to the bike.” ~ David Sherman

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