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    Jerry DeZutter

    Coach / Hudson, Massachusetts

    Over 25 years of riding, running and other endurance sports experience means there are very few training or racing scenarios that Jerry DeZutter has not experienced as either coach or athlete. Jerry utilizes a blend of old-school and new-school methods to educate, motivate and foster the success of his athletes. He prides himself on effective communication with master and youth athletes alike. Jerry will help you focus on the processes of learning and training in your sport, knowing that the results will take care of themselves.

    Jerry’s formal education as a Ph.D. in Biochemistry and Molecular Biology gives him a deep understanding of how energy is generated in the human body, and how to use human physiology and kinesiology to improve athletic performance. His skills as an active listener also allow him to interpret client feedback and data. One of his primary goals is to understand a client’s motivations, strengths and points for improvement, and to use these to develop and strengthen the client/coach relationship and the training plan. Jerry is approachable and easy to talk to, though not afraid to ask the probing questions when necessary.

    Jerry offers ongoing training as well as skills lessons. He helps his clients with everything from power-based training, bike handling and pack dynamics on the road, to lightning-fast triathlon transitions, picking lines on a cyclocross course, and mental approaches for ultrarunning. Having embraced power-based metrics along with heart rate monitoring and perceived effort, Jerry applies his deep understanding to deliver fitness-focused workouts. If you want to be a faster, smarter, and more confident racer, Jerry can help you.

    A racer himself, Jerry is a Cat 2 cyclist on the road and recently was the New England Region Masters 50+ road race champion. He has fought his way up through the cyclocross ranks, competing in a full slate of New England ‘cross races every fall and winter; including the Vittoria Series, the Gran Prix of Gloucester, and KMC Cross Festival. An 18-year career in triathlon earned him USA Triathlon All-American status multiple times and podium appearances in sprint to Ironman competitions. He’s also achieved solid PRs at the 5K (15:58), marathon (2h 49m) and 100-mile (17h 48m) distances, experiences which help him relate to his clients as they tackle the intricacies of preparing for and executing their goal races.

    Ultimately, Jerry gains as much gratification from the successes of his clients as he does from notching a race result himself. He is excited to work with you toward whatever your fitness goal(s) may be.

    When not cycling, Jerry enjoys many other types of outdoor activities, usually in the company of others. He lives just outside of Boston and enjoys coaching youth sports (basketball, ultimate frisbee, baseball) and visiting local coffee shops, to which he likely rode his bike.

    Mantra: You miss 100% of the shots you don’t take. Gotta try!

    Happy Place: Spending time with family and friends engaging in fun activity, followed by spending time on the road bike in warm, sunny weather on a challenging course.

    Favorite Song: Red Hot Chili Peppers – By The Way

    Coaching Style: Motivating, respectful, innovative, driven, analytical

    Events: 24 Hr Mountain Bike Racing, Adventure Racing, Cyclocross, Duathlon, Endurance Mountain Biking, Endurance Road Riding, General Cycling Fitness, Gran Fondos – Centuries, Gravel Grinders, Ironman Triathlon, Learn to Ride, Marathon, Mountain Bike Racing, Olympic/Sprint Triathlon, Road Racing, Running, Trail Running, Ultra Endurance Running, XTERRA Triathlon

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, Confidence Issues, Criterium, Dirt Skills, Elite Development, Elite Racing, General Fitness, Hill Climb Time Trials, Junior Athletes, Master Athletes, Mental Skills, Pre-Event Anxiety, Pre-Event Focus, Preparation for Adventures, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Road Skills, Speed Century, Student Athletes, Tactics, Women Athletes, Working Athletes

    “Jerry excels at teaching and learning. He is aggressive about being up to speed on new techniques but also questions the latest fad whether that’s training protocol, nutrition or race strategy. Jerry is relaxed and able to put things in context, taking time to consider the options before rushing to judgment. That calmness provides great confidence to those he works with. He is a pleasure to be around.” ~D. Goldman

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