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    Joe Atmore

    Coach / San Jose, California

      Coach Joe Atmore of Wenzel Coaching rides on a gravel road on his road bike Coach Joe Atmore of Wenzel Coaching awaits the start at the US Track Nationals Coach Joe Atmore of Wenzel Coaching stands with Nelson Vails at a convention booth Coach Joe Atmore of Wenzel Coaching stops at an intersection on his road bike

    Coach Joe Atmore is fully vaccinated and ready for in-person coaching.

    Joe Atmore loves working with and developing newer riders. Whether his clients are focused on riding skills or competitive results, his great enthusiasm for cycling motivates them to achieve their goals. His cycling experience and knowledge range from long enjoyable rides to criteriums and road racing, to his true passion, track cycling. Underlying his devotion to bicycle racing is a love for simply riding the bike, and the philosophy that training, racing, and life in general have got to be fun and memorable!

    Being a competitive racer for decades, Joe has learned the unique set of skills that it takes to be successful in each event. If you want to go beyond basic cycling skills, Joe will guide your use of strength and core training as part of your healthy, fitness lifestyle or to achieve your competitive goals. Being a member of the cycling industry gives him access to the latest trends and technology, which can also assist clients in executing their goals.

    While obtaining his undergraduate business degree, Joe raced for his college road team at Santa Clara University, as well as a number of local, shop-sponsored teams. Going back to obtain his MBA, he once again joined the Santa Clara U racing team. Weekends were spent driving the length of California to numerous crits, time trials and road races.

    Later, Joe shifted his focus to velodrome racing, specializing in the individual pursuit – a time trial lasting several painful minutes on the cycling track. Two weeks before his first California State Track Championships, he was hit by a car while training. Given that the championship was the focus of his season, he didn’t let the accident stop him from competing. He was really slow, and he was in pain, but he achieved a goal simply by participating and not coming in last! The next year, Joe upped the ante by racing not only the state’s elite and masters championships, but the national elites and masters as well. His attention to detail during his own training and his experience mentoring others on the track have led to an in-depth understanding of what does and doesn’t work for bike racing preparation.

    Since taking early retirement from his corporate finance job, Joe devotes the majority of his time to training and coaching. He is a supervisor at the Hellyer Velodrome in San Jose, CA, serves on the velodrome board of directors and is a USA Cycling certified coach. His stable of bicycles ranges from classic 1970s and 1980s era steel frames to the absolutely latest road and track bikes and technology.  He fully believes in The Rules’ N+1 for the number of bicycles one must have!

    Joe works part time at a professional bicycle shop in the Silicon Valley, though for him, being amongst bikes and cyclists is more play than work. If you live nearby, the shop is a great place to connect with Joe.

    Having trained and raced during his undergraduate and graduate studies as well as while holding down a full-time corporate job, Joe understands the real-world constraints that riders face, and has learned many techniques and work-arounds to help clients achieve goals in limited training time. He looks forward to helping you set and achieve your personal goals.

    Events: General Cycling Fitness, Gran Fondos – Centuries, Learn to Ride, Track Cycling

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Riding, General Fitness, Track Skills

    "I am glad to have found Joe as my teacher for bike riding. I was almost skeptical that I could ride with one class and Joe proved me wrong. I was really surprised that I could balance well and ride within an hour. Joe, you have great patience and willingness to help the beginners who had no prior experience in bike riding like myself. Thank you so much" ~Parveen B.

    "Joe was extremely kind, patient and encouraging towards the novice cyclists he supervised including my sons who are 14 and 12. He was able to observe the riders abilities and identify the various levels of skillsets before working with them and making them feel comfortable on the track. It was my children’s first time track cycling and they had a wonderful and positive experience under Joe’s supervision and expertise." ~Stephanie L

    "You are an amazing teacher. I am super happy to meet you." ~ Sujata P.

    "Thanks! I definitely feel like I learned and improved a lot!" ~ Jennifer C.

    "I so enjoyed biking today and just wanted to thank you. I honestly didn't think I could do what I did today" ~ Anjana P.



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