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K.C. Wilder

Expert / Doylestown, Pennsylvania

Kathryn (K.C.) Wilder, PhD is an experienced sports psychologist who has worked with elite athletes and recreational athletes in cycling, running, swimming, squash, tennis, golf and volleyball, accomplishing such goals as weight loss, age-graded national championships, state championships, golf
championships, and completing the Race Across America (RAAM). She also assists with issues around motivation, fears, and other blocks to performance that
many athletes experience.

Dr. Wilder earned a bachelor’s degree in organizational behavior and management from Brown University in 1989 and earned her masters and doctorate degrees
from the University of Virginia where she concentrated her training in sport psychology.

As an athlete herself, Dr. Wilder earned All-American Honors at the University of Virginia, and has been ranked in the top twenty in professional cycling
in the United States. As a masters athlete she won two national championships on the velodrome in 2007. That year she also went to the Master’s World Track
Championships in Sydney, Australia where she placed in the top ten.

Dr. Wilder has been a resident sport psychologist for Nike and is published in the field of sport performance. Currently, she works with athletes in their
pursuit of excellence in their chosen sport. Dr. Wilder lives in Bucks County, PA with her husband, their two young boys, and their yellow lab. The entire
family enjoys outdoor activities, especially cycling and running.

“I have been practicing sport psychology for close to ten years, and I love it. I love helping you, the performer. My goal is to facilitate your
peak performance. ‘Living the Dream to Achieve the Goal’ is something that I do my best to do on a daily basis. What does this mean? This means
feeling the way that you want to feel on a daily basis — living in the present to achieve happiness, and to accomplish long term goals. As a
Master’s National Cycling Champion, I practice the training, and trusting mind sets in training and competition.” ~K.C. Wilder

Events: All Endurance Events

Services: Mental Coaching

Specialties: Mental Skills

Sports psychology is an important aspect of an athletes' success. Working with Dr. K.C. Wilder this past season has put a new perspective on my outlook and
preparation for my sport. Mental training is an important element which completes an athlete's preparedness and my interactions with Dr. K.C. have helped
me gain the insight necessary to retain the inner focus and drive which is needed to remain successful and motivated." ~ Laura Van Gilder, Three-time US
World Championship Team Member and over 250 career wins

"The good Doc K.C. has always been able to see my greatest strengths and weakest links. Through gentle correction she has coached me on what I need to do,
as opposed to what is easy to do. The end result is that I am a much better athlete with some great results on the road". ~ Murray Wilmerding, 8-time State
Cycling Champion, Ironman and Ultra distance Cyclist

"I've had the terrific fortune to know Dr. Wilder as both a friend and a colleague. And in both capacities I have experienced what an intelligent and
caring person she is. Her approach to sports psychology is refreshing and insightful. She has a superb talent for guiding you to achieve the best in your
endeavors and find an optimal balance of sport within your lifestyle." ~ Kevin Swanson, DPT, CSCS

"K.C. has more than afforded me the opportunity to learn and grow under her guidance. She has provided me an overall focus and understanding on the
associated benefits of: a detailed training program, training techniques and strategy, goal setting and the necessary balance of life with these goals. I
was extremely pleased with my first year fitness results under her influence, and already looking forward to next year's goals. Having shared all this,
what made the experience most enjoyable was getting to know K.C. She accompanies a genuine interest in your personal development along with a caring,
generous and intuitive persona. ~ Brendan Burns, Cyclist/Duathlete

"Whenever I have had an opportunity to refer an athlete for mental game coaching, I have confidently sent them to Dr Wilder. Her positive approach to
sports performance, mental visualization, and performance helps to bring out the best in every athlete." ~ Beverly Rickles, LPGA Teaching Professional

"At 2007 Masters Track World Championships, K.C. demonstrated focus determination, and solid athletic ability, once again showing how and why she has
attained success in the sport of cycling. At Worlds, K.C. was generous with her wisdom and calm demeanor which helped me to remain focused on my races,
too. K.C. has a life history of respecting her body and spirit. She is pure joy to be around, talk about being competitive, even her smile can't be beat!
K.C. is simply the best!" ~ Julie Muccini Nevitt, 2008 Master's National Points Race Champion, 40-44

"Dr. K.C. Wilder is extremely focused, positive and determined. Her strength and perseverance are demonstrated not only in her own sports excellence, but
in everything she does." ~ Jill Herscot

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