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    Kelly Patterson, RD, CSSD

    Expert / Apex, North Carolina

    Kelly Patterson, RD, CSSD has been a practicing dietitian since 2012. She has worked in a variety of settings with all levels of athletes and, most notably, supports Army Special Forces operators at Fort Bragg, North Carolina with their nutrition for training and while deployed. She has helped triathletes, cyclists, runners, adventure racers, and tactical competitors of all levels to achieve their goals.

    Thoroughly educated and up to date, Kelly holds a Bachelor’s Degree in Dietetics and Nutrition, is a Registered Dietitian, and is a Board Certified Specialist in Sports Nutrition. She is currently working towards her Master’s Degree in Sports Nutrition and Human Performance. With her help, athletes have conquered goals such as the Assault on Mt Mitchell, Boston Marathon, Bataan Death March Marathon, and Spartan Iceland Ultra World Championship.

    Kelly’s enthusiasm and sense of humor show through in her realistic and comprehensive approach to nutrition and training, emphasizing the importance of habit development and consistency over dramatic dietary changes that can’t be maintained. Working with a Special Operations command, Kelly has faced some interesting challenges that have forced her to be creative and adapt as a dietitian. A recent group of athletes she advised summited Denali. “I had to help them with their nutritional plan with only two weeks’ notice prior to the summit. We worked hard to get a plan together for them, and they completed the summit…in record time.” She believes no competitive event or life/training schedule is too challenging if you have a plan.

    “There’s so much advice out there in the sports nutrition field that it can lead to athletes having a constant fear of making the wrong choices. The most important thing an athlete can do is develop small habits that will lead to big changes.”

    Nutrition is just as important as training for athletic success. A great training plan can be supported or sabotaged by nutrition. Kelly believes that a customized approach to nutrition is essential in order to address each athlete’s unique training goals, likes and dislikes, personal history with food, and sport demands. Simply relying on what works for others will not bring optimal results. Taking endurance performance to a higher level requires a dedicated nutrition plan that supports training but also has flexibility built in so athletes can continue to live their lives.

    Kelly’s own sport experience includes elite collegiate swimming with specialties in the 500 yd and 1650 yd freestyle. She has also been a consistent competitor in Olympic distance and sprint triathlons and half marathons. She knows what it’s like to try to maintain good nutrition while also busy with school and work.

    Kelly is available for individual consultations, all the Wenzel Coaching nutrition packages, clinics, and team consulting. She does nutrition counseling via phone, Skype, and email, she can do in-person consults and clinics for those in the Eastern North Carolina area.

    Kelly and her husband Scott, an avid cyclist, live in Apex, NC with their two Labrador retrievers Randy and Ralphie, who are semi-pro at fetch and sleeping on the couch. Kelly and Scott are avid foodies who love food truck festivals, culinary events, and cooking. “I love to cook, and mostly I love to eat. I’m an adventurous eater and will try pretty much anything. Pretty much any food related event nearby…I’m there.”

    Events: All Endurance Events

    Services: Consultation, Nutrition

    Specialties: Nutrition

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