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    Kevin Ulrich

    Coach / Redmond,

    Coach Kevin Ulrich of Redmond, WA understands the beginning cyclist. He initially worked to teach himself to swim, bike, and run through Youtube and online articles, developing the skills, and also an appreciation of the value of personal support when learning new skills. He can help you learn to ride in a shorter time, with fewer mistakes, and greater safety. While some coaches had athletic success come easily, Kevin has worked for his achievements and will help you enjoy your journey as well.

    Whether you are looking for someone to help with your first pedal strokes or want to develop skills for daily riding, touring, or even racing, Kevin will help you gain confidence, get comfortable on the bike, and build your cycling experience. While Kevin is continuing to extend his own racing experience, he is first and foremost a learn-to-ride instructor. He is understanding and good at watching and listening, and considers it his main goal to help newer cyclists enjoy cycling, improve their skills, and prepare for the next stage of their journey.

    Kevin has participated in many disciplines of cycling, including bike touring across the United States, cyclocross, track, and criterium as well as running races, triathlons, Spartan Races and Tough Mudders. He will gladly share those experiences with you as motivation for your own journey. With several age group wins, Kevin has seen success in his local running, cycling, and triathlon scenes. One of his favorite events is The Big Hurt, a mountain bike-kayak-road bike-run race. He also enjoys skiing of all sorts and rock climbing indoors and outdoors.

    When he’s not riding bikes, you might find Kevin working on them, or his cars, doing a bit of woodworking, cooking, or playing a word game.

    Events: Endurance Road Riding, General Cycling Fitness, Gran Fondos – Centuries, Learn to Ride, Olympic/Sprint Triathlon, Track Cycling

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, General Fitness, Road Skills

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