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    Mak Parshall

    Coach / Puyallup, Washington

    Mak Parshall is an experienced USA Cycling Level 3 coach who specializes in helping cyclists improve their racing performance. In addition to coaching all types of road racing, he also coaches fondo/fun rides and learn-to-ride athletes. Mak loves bikes, riding, racing and helping others find their own joy in cycling. Mak was drawn to coaching after helping one of this younger brothers develop into a competitive road cyclist, and since then he has been dedicated to helping others succeed in this exciting sport.

    Mak’s coaching approach is highly personalized, tailoring his advice and communication style to the unique needs of each athlete. He understands that making assumptions before getting all the facts can be counterproductive, so he works hard to maintain in-depth communication with his athletes as well as up-to-date knowledge on all aspects of cycling and racing. Mak is always happy to answer cycling-related questions that his athletes have, and he is committed to recognizing his own strengths and weaknesses as a coach so he can provide the best service possible. Mak is well-versed in training utilizing power with consideration for heart rate as well.

    Whether you are an aspiring national-class racer or prefer to keep your racing closer to home, Mak has the experience to guide you on your journey. Mak is based in the Seattle area and races in all the major road events in the Pacific Northwest. He currently competes on a national level, and has participated in some of the biggest races in the United States, such as Junior Road Nationals, Valley of the Sun, Tour of America’s Dairy Lands, and the Tucson Classic. He has also raced in Europe, including in some of the famous kermesses in Belgium. To prepare for races, Mak constantly studies courses.Of course he also shares the benefits of extensive experience with the many challenges that athletes may encounter while traveling to races. He provides his clients with up-to-date advice on course conditions and competitors for Pacific Northwest events and major national races.

    Mak is adept at teaching the majority of skills related to road racing, including bike handling in groups (pace lines, bumping, eating on the bike, no hands, and cornering at speed). He can also teach beginners the basics of riding a bike. Three years of experience as a bike mechanic have made Mak extremely knowledgeable about bikes. As part of the coaching experience, he can help you learn any repair your bike might need. He keeps up-to-date on the latest componentry and equipment to help his athletes choose bikes and performance upgrades and to sleuth their bike issues.

    Mak can help and relate to clients who are juggling multiple demands in their daily schedules. As someone who balances a work, coaching and a rigorous training schedule, he is familiar with early morning rides to get in a 3+ hour ride before work, and he emphasizes the importance of recovery and assists with time management.

    Mak doesn’t have too much free time between coaching, training and work, but when he does, he enjoys cooking and traveling. Mak isn’t the only one in his family who loves cycling. Two of Mak’s younger brothers ride with him when they get the chance. The oldest is the 2022 State Time Trial Champion in the 15-16 age group.

    Events: Learn to Ride, Road Racing

    Services: Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Riding, Criterium, General Fitness, Junior Athletes

    "I would recommend Mak. He's been a big help to my training."
    ~ Jake J.

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