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    Mike Gross

    Coach / Huntington Station, New York

    Coach Mike is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and ready for in-person coaching with appropriate precautions.

    Coach Mike Gross of Huntington Station, New York, is a USA Triathlon Level 1 Coach and NSCA Certified Personal Trainer with over 20 years’ racing experience in running and 10 years’ experience in triathlon. Whether you are just getting started in running, riding or triathlon or you want to improve your racing times, Mike will design a customized training program to maximize your performance. He will keep you accountable as he guides and supports you to implement it.

    Coach Mike’s clients appreciate his patience, enthusiasm, and resourcefulness. He thoroughly understands the challenges of balancing work and family life with training for events. He enjoys helping even the busiest would-be athletes to succeed. Utilizing benchmarks, metrics, and performance-based individualized training zones, Mike will put you in a position to reach your goals efficiently.

    A balanced body is a key to staying healthy so Mike integrates strength and flexibility training for his endurance athletes, allowing them to spend more time training and doing events, and less time nursing injuries. This approach has allowed Mike himself to complete 22 marathons, including qualifying for the Boston Marathon seven times (running it three times). Mike has finished on the podium for his age group multiple times in both running and triathlon.

    Mike was a public school teacher for 31 years, where he refined the ability to communicate and educate a wide variety of individuals and personalities. His undergraduate degree and continued interest in psychology have provided an extensive background in motivation and other psychological techniques that enhance performance.

    Mike lives on Long Island with his wife of 18 years, their beautiful 14 year-old cat Thalia, and a parakeet named Buddy. He still tutors high school and college prep math to young adults.

    Events: General Cycling Fitness, Half Marathon, Learn to Ride, Marathon, Olympic/Sprint Triathlon, Running, Trail Running

    Services: Consultation, Learn to Ride, Training Programs

    Specialties: General Fitness, Master Athletes, Mental Skills, Nutrition, Senior Games Coaching, Women Athletes, Working Athletes

    "Mike is a wonder. He is reliable, dependable and completely prepared in everything he does. He is kind and attentive to clients as well as the groups he has led. His attention to detail is unparalleled." C. McManus

    "What I valued in him as a trainer was his methodical approach to each discipline. His cycling sessions were challenging and fun, with a defined way to measure improvement. Same was true for swim lessons in the pool. He’d find targeted drills for us to follow, regardless of our level. In addition, it was apparent that he did a lot of research to find new or oblique modifications to keep our training sessions interesting and effective. As we grew and improved as trainees, so did he as our trainer." Joanne R.

    “What I especially like about Mike is how he incorporated science and math into the training routine. … Using this science driven approach to coaching Mike did not have to become the loud, coach screaming at you to work harder. He was always calm." ~ Pat V.



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