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    Nick Chilkov

    Coach / Culver City, California

    Looking to ride a bike? Are you a new cyclist and want to get better? If you are in the Los Angeles area then Nick Chilkov is the coach for you! As a learn-to-ride coach, he will work with you, starting from your current skills, to make your lessons the most fun and safe biking experience you can have. His experience working with different age groups, skill levels and backgrounds combined with refined coaching techniques makes him an ideal coach for new and beginner cyclists.

    Nick has been cycling since he was a kid. He vividly remembers bike rides along Venice Beach and the Santa Monica bike path with his family. This evolved into longer rides, mountain biking with his dad, and biking to high school nearly every day. As an adult he has continued his passion for cycling, most recently riding from Monterey to Santa Monica with his brother and dad for six days and 380 miles of unforgettable experience. He looks forward to sharing his love for cycling with you and hopes that you, too, might someday explore your world via cycling.

    Nick studied health and human kinetics as an undergrad at Ohio Wesleyan University and went on to get his Masters Degree in Sports Administration from Ohio University. As a teacher and a coach, he understands that we all have different ways of learning and that there is no “one size fits all” way to teach cycling. A coach should be a great listener, great teammate and patient teacher. Nick embodies all three of these essential characteristics and looks forward to the opportunity to work with you!

    Events: Endurance Road Riding, General Cycling Fitness, Learn to Ride

    Services: Consultation, Learn to Ride

    Specialties: Beginning Riding

    “Nick is a great motivator. He understands how to energize people and get them inspired to learn and grow. He is a positive reinforcer. He is also patient and understands that every person is unique and responds best to different styles of advice and coaching.” ~B. Salk

    "He has great relationships with people of all age groups and their parents (for the younger kids). He is able connect with them in a way that other coaches have not and he creates special bonds with each person he works with. ... His positive energy permeates through organizations and he leaves a lasting impact on everybody he comes in contact with."~ J. S.

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