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    Nick Van Winkle

    Coach / Atlanta, Georgia

    Coach Nick Van Winkle of Atlanta, Georgia helps his clients with in-person riding skills lessons as well as training plans to prepare them for bike racing at any competitive level. He started racing mountain bikes at age 13 on a bike his Dad bought for him at Sam’s Club. In his first race, not knowing anything about anything, Nick wore shin guards and an oversized polo jersey and finished at the back in a style that was described as “painful and unsightly.”  Despite this inauspicious start, he was struck by a profound wakefulness brought on by the sheer intensity of racing. These were the early days of mountain biking, when the culture was burgeoning and vibrant — much like what can be observed in the gravel scene today. In racing he found an incredible acceptance and a sense of belonging. As he’s continued riding and racing through the years, this connection to the sport and its community has only deepened. As a coach, he is immensely grateful for the chance to guide and mentor others in cycling, a sport that has profoundly shaped his life.

    Coach Nick’s clients profit from his history and successes in cyclocross, mountain biking, road, and gravel racing. He has won multiple state championships in his home state of Georgia among his more than 50 total wins and many additional podium finishes. Riders benefit from his experience racing stage races, 24-hour events, and national championship events in multiple disciplines. His specialty discipline is cyclocross, and in his humble opinion, it’s the discipline that most prepares you for all others: “If you can corner on 33mm CX tires in slick mud at speed, turning on your other bikes becomes comparatively easy.”

    For Coach Nick, biking goes beyond a hobby or physical activity; it’s an integral part of his lifestyle. Nick enjoys riding ~500 miles to the beach from Atlanta for vacation. He’s even one of those poor creatures who chooses not to own a car and commute by bike. In car-centric Atlanta this has been described as foolish and unwise, but he persists nonetheless.

    If you’re looking for help riding a bike in any capacity, from strategic planning and analysis to hands-on technique lessons, Coach Nick looks forward to offering his support. His expertise in bike handling, combined with a clear and patient teaching approach, allows him to effectively connect concepts such as pedaling, shifting, braking, and weight distribution into simple, actionable steps that will allow you to confidently deal with corners, descents and obstacles. He can teach you what to do, when to do it, and how you should feel while you’re doing it.

    As a USA Cycling and TrainingPeaks certified coach, he is knowledgeable in constructing training plans based on power, heart rate, and/or perceived exertion, and has done so for numerous years. Drawing on his extensive data analysis background, he can provide targeted advice to enhance your training regime. His primary concern is to ensure you have all the essential skills and knowledge to achieve your cycling ambitions, fostering your passion for cycling. Whether you are just starting out or are looking for the latest science-based training approaches for your best season yet, Coach Nick is an excellent choice to guide you to your best performance.

    Coach Nick’s Specialities

    Structured Planning

    • Building periodized training plans to deliver peak performance for specific events
    • Analyzing and interpreting power, heart rate, and perceived exertion data

    Skills Training

    • Including (but not limited to): pedaling and cadence, shifting (when and why) and gearing, braking (when and why), cornering, accelerating (when and why), ascending and descending in all environments
    • Group riding (riding comfortably and safely in a large group of cyclists)
    • City riding (riding comfortably and safely on city streets while dealing with traffic)

    Racing Strategies

    • Including (but not limited to): starting, pacing, nutrition and fueling, playing off competitors, mental fortitude, recovery

    General Strategies

    • Nutrition guidance
    • Bike fit, position, and aerodynamics
    • Gearing recommendations
    • Bike maintenance
    • Weight and core routines
    • Meditation

    Reliable Communication

    • Quick response times
    • Scheduled check-ins
    • Thoughtful analysis and feedback

    Coach Nick has a marketing degree and has worked ~20 years in various corporate roles ranging from advanced analytics, business intelligence, and department leadership. His career has taught him many important lessons, including how to communicate effectively, the importance of conscientiousness (an attribute that ensures every training plan is meticulously tailored and every piece of feedback is thoughtfully considered), and that how we treat each other is everything. His background outside of cycling enriches his coaching approach, offering a distinct viewpoint that enables cyclists at any level to address the sport’s physical and psychological challenges. This biggest lesson the corporate world taught him however is that our time is finite, and it’s best to spend that time doing what you love.

    When he isn’t riding, racing, or coaching, you can find him at his small house in the Grant Park neighborhood of Atlanta with his lovely wife Ginny and young son Milo.  He loves to paint, write, read, and garden. If you let him talk long enough, he’ll invariably bore you with his life philosophy of living small and simply (which he’s under the impression he invented.)

    **Coach Nick is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and ready for in-person coaching.


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    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Dirt Skills, General Fitness, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Road Skills, Working Athletes

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