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    Rhonda Morin

    Associate Coach / Gresham, Oregon

      Cycling Coach Rhonda Morin Get Faster Wenzel Coaching Cycling Coach Rhonda Morin Get Faster Wenzel Coaching coach rhonda morin get faster wenzel coaching coach rhonda morin get faster wenzel coaching Wenzel Coach Rhonda Morin rides down a muddy descent at the US Cyclocross National Championships in 2019

    Coach Rhonda is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and ready for in-person coaching with appropriate precautions.

    Coach Rhonda Morin likes to get dirty. It’s why she excels at cyclocross races, mountain biking and endurance running. The nastier the conditions, the more likely she’ll outlast her opponents.

    Originally from New England, Rhonda offers Wenzel clients lessons in the grit and determination it takes to succeed at your goals. Whether it’s figuring out how to pace yourself in a stage race or getting better at clearing cyclocross barriers, Rhonda can provide you with the skills, drills, training and guidance to get to the next level.

    Rhonda is a licensed emergency medical technician and holds a certificate in core and corrective exercise. In addition to providing training guidance and skills, clients benefit from corrective exercises for flexibility, core and posture. Her experience as an EMT and a wilderness search-and-rescue team member has sharpened her ability in understanding how your body and mind respond to stress. She helps clients learn the cool-headedness and perseverance it takes to remain steady.

    Early in her career, Rhonda worked as an Outward Bound instructor and ropes-course facilitator. In addition to coaching, Rhonda is a professional writer, editor and communications expert who holds degrees in journalism and women’s studies. Her clients appreciate her excellent communication skills.

    As a master and singlespeed ‘cross racer, Cat 3 road racer and career professional, she has a keen interest in assisting others who strive for better health and fitness while balancing their life, family and job. She’s also a firm believer that you get better with age, and she prepares training plans that propel clients to new places in their later years.

    Rhonda has captured numerous podiums in cyclocross during her career. She’s the 2019 Oregon State Masters Cyclocross Champion; the 2015 Singlespeed Cyclocross State Champion; a gold medalist in the 2005 US Cyclocross National Non-championship race, Cat 3/4 B; and a bronze medalist at the 2006 USA Cycling Cyclocross National Championships, Masters 40-44. In 2019, she captured 12th in her masters’s category at the USAC Cyclocross National Championships.

    Additionally, she won the 2015 Rhonda Mazza Gran Prix Series in the singlespeed category; took 3rd place during the 2015 Cross Crusade series in the singlespeed category; 2nd place in the 2013 Grand Prix Erik Tonkin Cyclocross series for Women A, 2nd place in the 2012 Grand Prix Tina Brubaker Cyclocross, Women A; won the 2011 Grand Prix Molly Cameron series in the Women’s A category; and racked up multiple 1st place finishes in the 2011 U.S. Grand Prix of Cyclocross/Stanley Portland Cup Cyclocross races and Portland’s Cross Crusade series.

    On the road, Rhonda has reached successes such as podium finishes at cornerstone regional stage races such as the Mt Hood Cycling Classic and Elkhorn Classic Stage Race (now the Baker City Cycling Classic). Other notable road highlights include finishing the Death Ride/Tour of the California Alps and top 5 finishes at the Green Mountain Stage Race in Vermont and Fitchburg Longsjo Classic Stage Race in Massachusetts.

    As a runner, Rhonda has had multiple successes as a middle-distance athlete, including a 3:17 marathon in Columbia, S.C. on a U.S. Olympic trials course. She was also a cross country athlete at the University of Maine.

    In addition to fitness, Rhonda and her husband like to travel, climb mountains, paddle rivers, train in search and rescue techniques, garden, and can and preserve food.

    Events: Cyclocross, Endurance Road Riding, General Cycling Fitness, Gran Fondos – Centuries, Gravel Grinders, Learn to Ride, Marathon, Mountain Bike Racing, Road Racing, Running, Touring – Multi-day, Ultra Endurance Cycling – Brevets - Double Centuries

    Services: Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, Dirt Skills, Master Athletes, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Road Skills, Senior Athletes, Working Athletes

    "Rhonda coached me from a beginner, Cat 4, cyclocross rider to racing competitively in Cat 1/2 Masters within just a couple of years. She was also able to coach me from my first XC mountain bike race ever to winning the Oregon XC Mountain Bike series within Cat 2, 40-49 age group. Rhonda helped me far exceed my original goals for advancing in the sport." ~Eric Cress

    "Thanks so much for the follow up; it’s very useful to have a summary of our session. And thanks for having the generosity to first help me find you and the park, and then to work with me so patiently. It was a real confidence booster and I felt successful after our 90-minute session. You are so kind and were the perfect person to get me back in the saddle! I really enjoyed meeting you." ~Ann, learn to ride client

    "Rhonda Morin offers consistent coaching that covers all bases: nutrition, recovery, technique, and injury prevention. Throughout my 9 months of Wenzel training, I've learned how to increase my endurance, improve my bike handling skills, and decrease my recovery time. Compared to one year ago, I am excelling in cyclocross racing as a result of Rhonda's racing experience and ongoing support!" ~Elsa B.

    "Rhonda Morin has helped me get serious with cyclocross racing and prepare me for mountain bike racing. With her guidance I was able to recover from an overtraining injury and, through the Wenzel training platform, avoid future injuries while improving my performance. This has put me on the right track toward achieving my cycling goals: getting faster while having fun doing it! If you are ready to see improvement in your cycling, and have fun while getting the maximum 'bang for your buck' for the time you spend on your bike, I highly recommend Rhonda." ~ E. Cress

    "Rhonda and I worked together for a couple hours on Friday, working on my descending skills, and it was terrific. She had great patience with my learning curve while maintaining the full expectation that I could do much better than I was doing - and she was right! I could not have asked to get more out of our time together." ~ Andrew O.

    "Keeping things in perspective, so far the program has resulted in:
    • A greater understanding of heart rates ....
    • A greater understanding of my aging body
    • A much wider mid zone of endurance (not toasted all the time- especially now racing weekly) especially not wasted after a race
    • Smooth(er) skill set in mounts/dismounts, improved run ups
    • Use of a trainer for warm up (...really smoothes out the warm up)
    • A little more rest at times
    • Use of massage to augment my stretching
    • Higher general fitness level
    • Use of post-race recovery fluids …
    • Speed coming up"
    ~ C. Linke

    "I was looking for a way to jumpstart my first cyclo cross season after previously bike racing other disciplines over the years, and did not have a lot of free time to attend clinics. I found Wenzel Coaching, and was directed to Rhonda as a local coach. We had a 2 hour private session at a large local park that had all the requisite elements. During the session she introduced all the basics of 'cross, then proceeded to watch and comment as I practiced them until she saw I had grasped them. Her style was casual and fun, yet focused so that I came away with a firm skillset foundation. The training has been invaluable- as I watch other riders struggling with the basics- I can spend my time concentrating on racing!" ~ Chuck L, Portland, Oregon ("Cross capital of North America!")



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