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Rob Butner

Coach / Hayward, California

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Coach Rob Butner is an expert in the growing sport of XTERRA Triathlon, combining his 10+ years of racing and training experience with coach certifications from USA Triathlon and the Road Runners Club of America. For as long as he has been racing, Rob has balanced his passion for racing XTERRA Off-Road Triathlon with his professional career as a technical trainer. Rob is able to teach to his athletes juggling family, work, and health how to achieve and refine this balance to make the most of training time.

With over 60 events completed, Rob has maintained top 10% finishes overall in large running events and top 30% overall in championship and regional XTERRA Triathlon events. Rob has traveled throughout the United States, Italy, Czech Republic, Saipan, and New Zealand to compete in XTERRA. He is honored to have competed in the XTERRA World Championships in 2006, 2007, 2008, 2010, 2013, and 2016, and the ITU Off-Road Triathlon World Championships in 2012. Rob has completed four marathons, with a personal best at the Napa Valley Marathon with a time of 3:49.35. He has also has competed yearly in the Disneyland Half Marathon since 2010, with finishes in the top 200 overall. He often runs those events in stride with his wife, Nicole.

Rob’s love for endurance events began in high school. Over a 20-year span he has developed skills in running, cycling, swimming, and triathlon. His passion for XTERRA began in 2005 when he saw a promotional video set to “Dream On” by Aerosmith. The images of grit, dirt, and pain, fired him up for his first event in Northern California. He has been heavily influenced by his own coach, Jamie Whitmore, a world and national champion in XTERRA and now a world champion in para-cycling after she overcame a difficult battle with cancer that left her unable to use her right leg. She is an unstoppable force and a source of athletic and personal motivation for Rob. He continues to look for new events and adventures to try. In 2018, Rob will participate in Sagan’s Fondo in Truckee, a 65-mile gravel cycling event through the Sierras.

In addition to triathlon and XTERRA, Rob has coached high school cross-country teams. Rob realizes that training and competition for endurance events are not easy, whether your goal is completing your first event or earning a top result, Rob focuses on making the challenges of training and racing fun and rewarding. He believes in maintaining a focus on fitness in his life due to his own experience with the mental and physical benefits that keep him motivated. Rob’s incredible patience and positivity keep his clients motivated to achieve their goals and create new ones.

Rob attended UC Santa Cruz, where he obtained his BA in Photography. He worked at Apple for 13 years. When he is not working or racing he is traveling with his wife Nicole, raising their young daughter, Ellie, hanging out with their dog Bella, flying drones, being a tech nerd, shooting and editing photos, and searching for the best cappuccinos in the Bay Area.


Events: Learn to Ride, Marathon, Running, Trail Running, XTERRA Triathlon

Services: Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Training Programs

Specialties: Dirt Skills, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Working Athletes

“I wanted to say a big thank you for helping me overcome so many bike fears and teaching me basic bike skills. Rob, when we first met I had only been biking for one year. I was fearful of using clips on my pedals. I only rode on bike/pedestrian paths due to my fear of being run over by a car. I didn't know how to properly gear and only stayed in one gear. I didn't take my hands off the handle bars to eat or drink or change hand positions. I had a huge fear of literally flying off like Coyote from Loony Tunes into the water or embankment.
During our time together you've helped me overcome all these obstacles.
I have told you before that you have changed my life! Your voice was with me when I was climbing the hills and going into the correct gear, it was with me on the twists and turns of the road. I no longer have a fear of cars, or stopping at a stop light, or riding on the road. It was with me to not be afraid or discouraged but to keep going when the road was long and the finish felt unattainable.
I want Wenzel Coaching to know how thankful I am that they have a resource people can go to, that will match them up with fantastic people who are making a difference in people's lives, helping them to become better athletes, and helping them get closer to their goals and dreams.
Thanks again, Rob, I look forward to our continuing partnership.”
~Katrina D.

"Rob was an excellent coach and exactly what I needed when I decided that I wanted to start doing triathlons. He was knowledgable, caring, and passionate about coaching. ... He listened to all my needs and was always a text, phone call or email away. From the very beginning Rob understood my goals, and took my past experience and current fitness levels into account and was able to give me training that fit my schedule and capabilities. I feel that one of his strongest qualities is the passion he has for coaching. I think that anybody can learn how to be a coach but it takes someone with passion and love for sport to be a great coach. In addition, Rob was very organized and always willing to make changes to my schedule. Anytime I had to miss training days, he would alter my training in a way that fit my new schedule." ~ Keri Z

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