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    Ron Castia

    Associate Coach / Livermore, California

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    Ron Castia of Livermore, CA has been racing on the road and dirt since 1998 and specializes in both standard and ultra-racing distances. As an NCNCA Mentor for road racing in Northern California, Ron has volunteered at the Fremont Early Bird Training Criteriums as a mentor for eight plus years, riding along with entry level races throughout the year to assist with safety, skills, and instruction. Ron has worked with the Cat 4/5 teams to develop practical race tactics as they apply to their field’s specific style of racing and ability.

    Ron has promoted beginner and intermediate race skills clinics to help riders take their racing to the next level. He is available for one-on-one skills work as well as team tactics training and skills. Ron has worked with the Dolce Vita Cycling Team and Berkeley Bicycle Club as their Director Sportif giving guidance on tactics, team clinics, and organizing team camps.

    Ron has experienced his own success through the coached athlete process and has proven that focus and a regimented plan can help athletes of all talent levels achieve their goals. He is currently a Cat 2 in road racing and cyclocross, and previously competed as a professional on the mountain bike.
    Ron’s experiences and race finishes in some of the most popular events in California help him guide his clients through challenging distances and terrain. His race finishes include a win at the Sea Otter Classic MTB Cross Country (Expert), two wins and several podium placings in 24 Hour Mountain Bike team divisions, 3rd at the 2011 24-Hour National Championships 4 Man Team, the Everest Challenge, several 100-mile mountain bike races, and being a multi-time finisher at the Death Ride and Climb to Kaiser. He also has experience in some of the more challenging stage races, such as the Mt Hood Cycling Classic, Tour of the Gila, La Ruta de los Conquistadores MTB, and the Cascade Classic.
    Ron’s technical background is in the field of Transportation Engineering/Civil Engineering CAD and Drafting. Prior to becoming a full time coach Ron balanced a demanding career, a full race schedule, family, and managed a large masters racing team.

    Ron is a father of two boys. His oldest son Ronnie, now an adult (aka Little Ronnie) is a Special Needs child having suffered from a severe case of spinal meningitis just a few hours after birth, leaving him with extreme disabilities. His son’s disabilities sent Ron on a never-ending quest to learn about nutritional healing, and alternative healing methods. Ron is a certified reflexologist, craniosacral therapist, and a Reiki master.

    Events: 24 Hr Mountain Bike Racing, Cyclocross, Endurance Mountain Biking, Endurance Road Riding, Gravel Grinders, Learn to Ride, Mountain Bike Racing, Road Racing

    Services: Bike Fitting, Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training, Team Direction, Training Programs

    Specialties: Beginning Racing, Beginning Riding, Dirt Skills, Elite Development, Master Athletes, Preparation for Adventures, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Road Skills, Tactics, Working Athletes

    Wenzel offers an excellent value for coaching, and a ton of free information from the website and blogs, and I really appreciate the opportunity to draw from your experience as well as Ron's. When I hear what other people are paying for coaching and what they're getting, I appreciate even more what you guys have done for me in the last year and a half. Ron's been an excellent coach and mentor, and has been responsive to all of my needs! I will continue to recommend Wenzel coaching to my friends and peers. You've helped me go from a a dropped off the back Cat 5, to a podium level Cat 4 within a year, which was my goal from the get go, so I thank you guys very much for that!" ~ Erich S.

    "I want you to know that I have applied some of the skills from the first clinic. Two emergency stops kept me from being hit by cars and several close calls during crits where I kept from going down. Also touched wheels with a team mate during a practice totally unexpected and didn't go down. So, long story short, i have stayed off the pavement so far because of what I learned in the beginners clinic. Well worth the money spent. Looking forward to going to the next level with my skills and racing." ~ M Stuart

    "Thank you so much for your time this evening helping me with my bike fit.... I do want you to know that it is not often I meet someone that has such a knack and talent when it comes the technical aspects of cycling. There are a lot of people out there that just guess their way through cycling and call themselves experts. It was clear throughout our session that you have a tried and tested methodology and clear understanding of the entire fitting process end-to-end. Tonight was really eye opening for me." ~ Eric J

    "Hey Ron, Just wanted to say thanks again for coaching last weekend. That's a huge service you're providing us. I think having a coach along for the pre-ride makes it even more valuable. Every amateur team should be doing this." ~Nick

    "Your Beginner's Clinic without question exceeds the standards we would designate as appropriate for consideration for upgrade points....Keep up the outstanding work." ~Bill Nicely, Northern California/Nevada Bicycle Racing Association President

    "I learned so much in Ron's road bike skills clinic, from "always have your out" to "bumping doesn't have to be a bad thing" along with efficient and effective cornering (for paceline or solo) to tight turns with speed. I found one of the easiest skills to practice is my "tight turns – who doesn't have a quiet court or street to turn in when you're waiting for the rest of your group to arrive or be ready to ride? I just take 30 seconds to a minute
    and take a couple of turns each direction – Well my following story conveys how useful this skill is. Shortly after my skills clinic I participated in a triathlon – and this particular triathlon pretty much had and out-n-back ride – offering a nice tight turn at the halfway point – I was riding neck-and-neck with another gal who was decked to the gills and on a higher end tri-bike – we approached the tight turn pretty much together – but I, having practiced my turning skills, pedaled into the turn – popped my inside foot up, outside foot down, didn't brake and took a nice speedy turn… I was able to gain a good number of yards on this (much younger) rider. She didn't catch me again… until the run ;P." - Carol Johnston

    "The clinic was great but the main point is: did I learn anything and I am using it today? The answer is yes, very much so....You were absolutely correct in that proper corning will improve time trials....On descents on my road bike, I am more confident in the turns / switchbacks and feel like the tires are solidly under me. I understood the theory of how to countersteer and turn the bike, but the practice and instruction were of great benefit." ~ Rich A

    "Ron, Just to let you know that today I was able to race again in my TT bike after the bike fit. It definitely made a difference allowing me to drop 1'06" from my last time I raced a windy 10 mile ITT. I definitely believe the bike fit contributed a lot to this progress making my position very aero, reason why I want to thank you very much for the job done, I really appreciate it." ~German V

    "Dear Ron, Hi! I wanted to thank you and Scott once again for an excellent Clinic on Sunday. I learned lots of new things besides getting the privilege of riding with some talented cyclists with skills way above my own. But even more importantly, I left the Clinic with new confidence in my racing abilities, and a renewed enthusiasm and motivation for racing. I look forward to attending other Wenzel Coaching Clinics, and maybe even taking few one-one-one classes in the near future Thanks!" ~ Sirpa

    "Hi Ron! Thanks so much for Mentoring my race today! I wanted to let you know that I was able to apply several lessons learned last week in my race today. I'm a new racer, and in my first race, the Cal Aggie Crit, I hung out on the side edges of the pack. I was uncertain and uncomfortable in the middle of the pack. Today, I was able to watch more intelligently the ebb and flow of riders, and able to mix it up in the pack. In the beginning I took a wheel, and watched and learned how I found myself edged out of position and suddenly behind someone else. By the third lap, I was the one who rode assertively and able to take the wheel I wanted!" ~ Roger

    "Thanks for a great clinic today - I took a lot of new found confidence away with me. More specifically, I really feel like I just met my bike for the first time and feel extremely comfortable cornering the thing. Too, I'm far less stiff in a pack - I can already tell. Today's drills were super beneficial and you guys are clearly very knowledgeable about the sport, so I appreciate you passing that along ... Thanks again to you, Laurel and Bob for a great day. ~ Ben G

    "I just wanted to say thanks again for hosting a great clinic yesterday. I had a great time and most importantly I came away with a new found knowledge/confidence for riding on the road. The cornering drills and techniques we practiced were very helpful with helping me understand the concept of going into a corner and pedaling through. Also "asserting" yourself to move up through a pack and grab someone's wheel was a valuable skill to learn. I had never thought or heard of that concept and how to execute it until yesterday, and the actual exercise of it with the other riders was really helpful because I got a good grasp of what it feels like while riding closely with others. All 3 coaches had something to contribute, and yet you guys had something useful and different to say about a certain technique which is good to hear for a beginner like myself.... I'm already recommending it to my friends." ~ Joseph

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