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    Scott Saifer

    Head Coach / Walnut Creek, California

      coach-ssaifer2 cycling-coach-scott-saifer-jumping-2015 Head Coach Scott Saifer - Wenzel Coaching - Get Faster

    Coach Scott is fully vaccinated against COVID-19 and ready for in-person coaching with appropriate precautions.

    Like other Wenzel coaches, Head Coach and bike fitter Scott Saifer, M.S. works with athletes of all ages and abilities. He particularly specializes in older athletes and those dealing with health or injury issues that affect their training and performance. Graduating in 2003, Scott earned a Master’s Degree in Exercise Physiology, with additional coursework in sports psychology, nutrition and biomechanics. He has been coaching and writing training plans for Wenzel Coaching since 1995. Working with beginners as well as elite athletes, he has helped road cyclists, triathletes, MTB and cyclocross racers, runners, XC skiers and in-line skaters to win numerous World, National, State, District, Senior Games, and Police and Fire Games medals. He has helped athletes achieve upgrades, body-weight goals, blood glucose control and other personal bests. Scott has also guided athletes through from the beginner ranks to professional status and has helped several diabetic athletes to achieve at levels similar to their non-diabetic peers.

    Got  a tight back, aching knee, saddle sore or other pain from riding? As a bike fitter, Scott has helped numerous athletes to achieve faster, more comfortable and powerful positions and to overcome overuse injuries. He provides bicycle fitting services to local Bay Area cyclists, and has helped riders as far away as Japan and Israel with their bike fits via Skype, Zoom and Facetime.

    Scott analyzes the individual athlete to identify the most productive training methods and areas for attention. He is well informed in the latest scientific training techniques, power training, and sports nutrition and how they apply to endurance athletes. Building on his education and his 25 years of racing and coaching experience, Scott guides his athletes to train in ways that have proven effective, using modern tools and techniques to improve rather than replace what has previously led to success.

    Scott has helped numerous older athletes, very busy athletes and athletes with health issues, injuries and other special needs. He believes that with commitment and hard work, athletes of any age or history can achieve amazing or even seemingly impossible things. Whether you want to prepare for life-changing adventures, win races, complete tours or just be fitter and healthier, Scott will be committed to helping you reach your goals.

    As Head Coach for Team in Training, a health related charity, Scott has helped several hundred beginning athletes prepare for their first century rides, recreational and competitive endurance mountain bike events, and cross country ski marathons. He has trained and managed teams for 24-hour MTB relay races and helped more than 50 riders to complete all five passes at the 129 mile, 16,000 foot Markleeville Death Ride. He has also coached riders through brevet series, Paris-Brest-Paris, double-centuries and other ultra-distance events. Several of his riders have qualified for the Race Across America (RAAM).

    As an athlete himself, Scott successfully raced bicycles on the road, mountain, and track in the U.S, competing in over 300 events with numerous wins and top placings. He has completed an unsupported transcontinental bike tour; the 24 Hours of Moab; several Tough Mudders and other adventure races; the Gold Rush, Anchorage and Yellowstone Rendezvous 50-kilometer Cross Country Ski Marathons; the Markleeville Death Ride and El Tour de Tucson (in less than 5 hours on a tandem); several half-marathons and 10Ks as well as numerous other competitive and non-competitive events. In 2023 he won his age group while also finishing last in his age group at the June Lake 70.3 Triathlon. He has completed numerous backpacking trips up to three weeks in length, climbed Half Dome by a technical route and slept in snow caves and igloos many times.

    Scott is available for custom program development, seminars and clinics as well as individual consultation, beginner cycling lessons and coaching. He can provide guidance in planning an athlete’s season as well as conduct anaerobic threshold testing, skills lessons and bike fittings. Scott is a contributing author of the book Bike Racing 101 and published over 100 articles in ROAD Magazine. He is a source for articles in Bicycling magazine, has contributed to various fitness and adventure related blogs and has even been on radio to talk about chocolate milk as a recovery drink. He keeps fit with bike rides, trail running, hiking, rock climbing, backpacking, snow-camping, strength training, gymnastics and swimming.

    He lives in Walnut Creek in the San Francisco Bay Area of California with his wife, cat, dog and egg-laying chickens.

    Events: Adventure Racing, Cross Country Skiing, Cyclocross, Endurance Mountain Biking, Endurance Road Riding, Gran Fondos – Centuries, Gravel Grinders, Ironman Triathlon, Learn to Ride, Marathon, Mountain Bike Racing, Olympic/Sprint Triathlon, Road Racing, Running, Touring – Multi-day, Trail Running, Ultra Endurance Cycling – Brevets - Double Centuries

    Services: Bike Fitting, Consultation, Learn to Ride, Mental Coaching, Skills Training, Testing, Training Programs

    Specialties: Preparation for Adventures, Return from Cardiac Issues, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Senior Athletes, Senior Games Coaching, Tandem Coaching, Training with Medical Issues

    "I've been working with Scott Saifer for over a year. He has gone above and beyond to help diagnose issues with my performance. I can't wait to see more gains for next season. As a never been trained 57yr old recreational cyclist, I was apprehensive in signing up for a Coach. It has proven to be the best cycling decision I've made." ~Barry W.

    "I have been approached by others about the "expense of training" and my answer was exactly as you said: "My coach is my health insurance and makes sure I am adequately prepared without overtraining, he helps me with dietary issues, bike issues, body issues...asks me questions to help me sort out other life issues" and I consider that pretty cheap. No other insurance/training/counseling/physician/coach can offer that much for the price and I need that for my health. I am grateful to be able to train with you! ~G. Lonand

    "I sprang for some coaching this season. I was worried about meeting my goal of all 5 passes of the Death Ride. Wenzel Coaching and Scott Saefer have been outstanding, exceeding my expectation. I would highly recommend this for those who are striving to get to the next level." M. Adams

    "I'm a long time cyclist and I always thought I knew hot to train and get in shape. I learned so much in my time in the program. I can now ride faster with less fatigue and more strength and stamina. Thank You for the training plans and guidance." T. Perez

    "Gotta tell you, this is by far the most thorough, comprehensive and intelligent coaching experience I've had in 25 years. I'm really grateful for your efforts, energized by process. Sincere thanks." ~T. Krummel

    "I'm only writing to tell you how obviously stronger I felt compared to some hiking I did back in October. Much quicker recovery times when climbing turned to flat, and a feeling of being much lighter (even though it's only about 8 pounds). It was really noticeable. The change can only be attributable to the work you've had me do, so count me as a satisfied customer. I'm looking forward to being back on the bike." ~Joe M.

    "In addition to a personalized training plan; dietary advice; starting up training again after extended lapses; how to exercise on trips; what to do after being sick; what to do to stop my knee and feet from hurting; starting me on a proper weight training program; preparing me for a seven day, four hundred mile excursion in Ohio two years ago including teaching me mechanical skills needed to pack/unpack my bike in Ohio; and explaining what will happen several weeks/months down the road if I follow the program (he is a great fortune teller!), he has been very instrumental in getting my bike to fit me (much better than fittings at the store) and to work correctly. He was a bike mechanic and bike racer for many years. He adjusted the shifting on both my bikes when several local bike stores failed after several attempts. It's great having someone so knowledgeable a phone call away!" ~ Gary M.

    "The fit worked out quite beautifully, I put in a 60-mile ride this past Saturday and I felt great - I wasn't as beat and I felt relaxed and powerful and I did pass up someone on a $10,000 Alchemy on Paradise Loop." ~ Navi T.

    "Hey Scott, Back from the cycling trip now, and it could not have gone better, really. Especially on the climbs, your advice and guidance were indispensible. For Ventoux, l'izoard and Galibier, your coaching made the climbs easier, for l'Alpe it made the climb possible. I only saw another rider or two who didn't have to stop, and I passed dozens on all the climbs who weren't in as good shape or who had gone out too fast and had no idea of what their sustaining pace was. I did the work, but you sure helped make it pay off." ~Andrew O.

    "How do I sum up 17 years of continuous coaching? I have always thought there was a good balance of hard work and rest. From what I have overheard some other racers telling me about their training, I have sometimes thought that those poor souls were being driven into the ground. The whatever doesn't kill you will make you stronger is not always a good thing especially for older athletes such as myself. I find the weight program plus stretching has been particularly necessary as I have gotten older (quality of life issues as well as bike related). I like Scott's manner, a good combination of a dry sense of humor and probing inquires, which while sometimes slightly uncomfortable, make one take stock of what one is doing which is the whole point of the exercise anyway. I will continue being a client, God willing and the creeks don't rise." ~ Narda R.

    "Just wanted to vouch for Scott's nutritional advice. Those of you who remember me from BBC days know I always had trouble and was never able to lose those last 10 lbs. Since I started working with Scott I have lost those and then some. I really haven't eaten less, just totally different using his guidelines." ~ Lorie H

    "In January 1979, I had the privilege to be fitted to my bike by Eddy Borysewicz. At the time, Eddy was new to this country (he had been a national champion in Poland), and he was soon seen as the best coach that the USA had ever had. ... it was clear that I was in the hands of a genius. ... I have always felt comfortable with my fit, and with two minor exceptions, I hadn't changed it since 1979. I long took solace that I had been in the hands of a true master, and if it ain't broke, why 'fix' it? Thirty-one years later, I still perceived no fit-related issues, but with time, our bodies change, as does the knowledge of cycling physiology. Yes, I can put out plenty of horsepower while staying smooth at 120 RPM, so what is there to improve? I knew Scott Saifer to be a smart cookie on a variety of issues, I asked him to have a go at my fit, and I soon had my answer. Scott showed that he is a smart cookie on the issue of fit as well. While he didn't make any major changes, there were several minor ones that he did most purposefully. In a few cases, there was some back and forth, but in all cases, he not only told me what he was doing, but he also showed me why he was doing it. I enjoyed a series of small revelations. For example, he observed that when I would go from the hoods to the drops, one part of my hand would always touch the bar before the rest of my hand. No big deal, right? But by making a small adjustment, those two surfaces are much more parallel just before they touch, with the net result that the loading that occurs is much more even, decreasing the likeliness and severity of numbness during the heat of battle. I could bore you with more, but that is pointless as everyone will have their own unique experience when getting fit by someone as talented as Scott." ~ Mark W

    "Just a short note to thank you for the training program you've put together for me. I think it's what I've been looking for and needed for a long time. April marked the fourth anniversary of my getting back on a bicycle. During that time, never before today have I ever ridden for three hours and not finished with legs wobbly with lactic acid - until today when I did the Push Basic drill for the first time. I think it's the combination of targets (power, HR, cadence) you give me that are responsible for this trick. I've read lots about how you're supposed to train and feel, but this is the first time it's ever happened." ~James Good

    "I nominate Scott Saifer for Coach of the Month for giving the science behind why you should do things the way he suggests without being servile or talking down to his clients. Great support!" ~ Steve

    "What I like is his approach. He does not flower things, giving you sound coaching, and ties this in with your age. He responds so fast that it catches me off guard! Service has become a lost art and I'm glad Scott offers not only good service but great coaching skills. ~ Joe

    "Thanks for the fitting ... feels pretty good after several long rides -- definitely more power, no adverse handling, and less foot numbness surprisingly. Thanks again!" ~ John K.

    "The classroom clinic was outstanding! Scott Saifer is energetic, upbeat and incredibly knowledgeable. He supported his talk with first hand observations of his athletes as well as cited research done by physiologists in the field. A representative slice of the club was there -- fresh newbies, to experienced racers -- and we all went away having learned something new. He totally pumped me up for the season. I can't wait to get out there this Saturday!"~Chris Lambert, SF Triathlon Club President

    "Knee pain is gone. Good job. Thanks." ~ Chris Baker

    "Scott gave an excellent presentation to our team covering exercise physiology, training strategies, peaking, and other topics of interest to our athletes. The kids loved it, and learned lots from Scott. I would recommend Scott's help for anyone who is trying to be fitter and faster!" ~Steve Kraft, Assistant Coach, Albany High School Cross Country Team

    "Last Saturday I did the moderate climbing interval alternating standing/seated climbing as per the instructions. I've definitely made a big improvement in my standing climbing: its was easy to control my hr and my legs don't burn like the used to. Practicing the technique you showed me during the standing intervals (base hr) has helped a lot. Going into the Ultimate Endurance workout with 8-9 lbs less weight and two months of base training is making a huge difference too (duh!) ~ John Bernstein, CA

    "The diet guidelines are also a huge benefit - I tried working with a nutritionist before but this is the first time that I've gotten realistic guidelines that work for both high and low activity days." ~ Michelle Gross

    Learn to Ride or Learn to Ride Better. Improve your road riding skills!

    For racers, road skills can make the difference between struggling to keep up and really being part of the race. For recreational riders and century enthusiasts, road skills make the difference between going the distance and enjoying the ride.

    Scott Saifer, M.S. has been teaching descending, cornering and close riding in clinics and one-on-one sessions for over 20 years. More than 1000 riders have improved their skills and enjoyment of riding under Coach Scott’s guidance.

    Choose specific skills to work on, or let Coach Scott analyze your current abilities and suggest areas for improvement with a 40-Point Road Test. During your private or small-group skills session, Coach Scott will walk you through each skill, breaking it down to the level you need for mastery.

    Each lesson can be individualized to you or your group. See below for pricing.

    Some ideas for areas of improvement:2011.11 descending class (2)

    • Cornering
    • Descending
    • Climbing
    • No hands
    • Bunny hop
    • Held TT starts
    • Clipping in – Race starts
    • Drafting
    • Close riding and bumping
    • Gear choice
    • Efficient braking
    • Sprinting
    • Receiving a feed
    • Flat tire and other repairs and adjustments
    • 40-Point Road Test (takes ~2 hours)
    • Areas that have held you back in races in the past
    • Any skill you’d like to work on
    • Getting started on the bike for new riders. Learn to ride a bike at any age.


    1 hr Session: $120
    2 hr Session: $210
    Longer Sessions: $100 per hour

    Sessions may be shared by two or more riders.

    Dynamic Bike Fitting for Road, Mountain, CycloCross, Gravel, and Stationary Bikes Including Peloton

    Scott Saifer performs bike fitting services for road racers, century riders, recreational riders, mountain bikers and triathletes. Scott has been doing bike fits in the San Francisco Bay Area since the early 1990s. He can help any rider, of course, but specializes in difficult to fit riders:Bike fit Scott Saifer

    • Leg-length or leg-strength discrepancies
    • Sore knees
    • Stiff backs or necks
    • Numb hands
    • Those who have tried several fits without success
    • Recumbent bicycles, tricycles & unicycles
    • Peloton Bike fitting

    Like all Wenzel Coaches, Scott does dynamic fittings. Rather than making your bike conform to arbitrary measurements and angles, we actually watch you ride and make adjustments to optimize your comfort and power. All fittings start with cleat adjustments and wedging as needed, and continue with saddle height, tilt and set back, stem length and height, bar tilt and brake lever positioning. 

    Scott’s bike fitting studio is easily accessible to all Bay Area riders via BART or freeway. For your convenience, he can also bring his tools to your home or office, or fit your bike via video chat.

    Bike fittings cost $210 plus any needed parts and travel time. All fits include a three-week follow up if needed, and any needed corrections for up to three months after the initial fitting. They are also covered by a money back guarantee. (If you are still not happy with the position after follow-up corrections, we will adjust the bike back to your initial position and refund your fee.)


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