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    Sharon Gregg

    Coach / Seattle, Washington

    Coach Sharon Gregg is fully vaccinated and ready for in-person coaching.

    Sharon Gregg is an expert at teaching people to ride bikes, including those who are especially anxious as well those who just need lessons and practice. She can adjust her teaching style to perfectly match the needs of her students. It’s easy for a coach to say that she can work with all levels, but after 15 years of coaching adaptive skiing and cycling, Sharon truly has worked with athletes of all abilities, learning styles, and ages to help them achieve their goals. Because she has worked with such a varied assortment of athletes, Sharon knows how to help people succeed who may feel out of their comfort zone trying a new sport or getting back into the swing of things after an injury or a long time away.

    Some of Sharon’s favorite coaching experiences include having someone she recently taught to ride a bike tell her of their new bike adventures, having a veteran tell her that she gave them enough confidence and efficiency to complete a Warrior Ride or the Seattle to Portland (STP) ride, helping a teammate change up one little thing in her cornering that led to improved race results, and taking a student who had never seen snow before on a ski tour.

    Sharon’s experience applies to both recreational riders and racers. She has competed in local road, cyclocross, and mountain bike races as well as raced as a master in three cyclocross and four road national championships. She has toured the Cascade loop, attended cycling camps at the Colorado Springs Olympic Training Center as a pilot on a tandem for blind athletes, ridden from Chamonix to Nice, pedalled up L’Alpe d’Huez to see a mountain finish of the Tour de France, and finished the High Cascades 100-mile mountain bike race.

    Along the way Sharon has met lots of really great people. She has made some of her closest friends because of bikes. She prefers bike commuting when possible (and has saved hundreds of dollars a month in car ferry fares while doing it). Cycling has given Sharon so much and she loves to be able to share its freedom, economy, and culture with others and see them discover or relearn the joys of riding bikes.

    Sharon lives in Seattle with her husband and their three cats. Besides cycling and skiing, she likes to play in her canoes and kayaks. Sharon is also a Registered Sanitarian who surveys small public water systems for the State of Washington, a job which puts her in small rural communities that happen to be great for cycling.

    Events: Cross Country Skiing, General Cycling Fitness, Learn to Ride

    Services: Consultation, Learn to Ride, Skills Training

    Specialties: Beginning Riding, Confidence Issues, Dirt Skills, General Fitness, Paracycling Athletes, Road Skills



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