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    Steve Berkowitz

    Associate Coach / Sugar Land, Texas

      Cycling Coach Steve Berkowtiz road riding - Get Faster - Wenzel Coaching Cycling Coach Steve Berkowtiz rides with a group - Get Faster - Wenzel Coaching

    Steve Berkowitz of Sugar Land, Texas brings the best of science and experience to Wenzel Coaching. In addition to many years of riding and running experience, Steve has a BA Degree from York College and a MS Degree from Indiana State University, plus 21 doctoral hours from the University of Houston, all in Health and Physical Education/Kinesiology. Steve is an Elite, Level I certified USA Cycling Coach and has completed a Master’s Thesis in the area of cardiovascular fitness and human performance as well as other research.

    Steve was most recently a full-time physical education teacher at Kerr High School in Houston, where he and a coworker developed a fitness-based PE program in which students were required to complete a prescribed number of cardio workouts with a downloadable heart rate monitor as well as learn to develop a personalized daily weight training program. The school district is currently working to implement this program into its other high schools. Steve is also experienced in creating weight training programs for performance, fitness and weight loss.

    For the past twelve years, Steve has been primarily been coaching club riders and racers, including many beginners as well as men and women interested in seeing how far they can go with the sport. He enjoys working with people that are motivated to take their cycling to the next level — even when they have limited training time — and enjoys working with and supporting competitive individuals.

    Steve’s own competitive career includes varsity track, cross-country and tennis in college. After graduating from college, Steve knew he had to stay fit so he began jogging, and over a period of 15 years he ran hundreds of races, including 15 marathons (NY City 3 times). He ran to many top-10s in 5K, 10K and cross-country races and a number of victories in the 2-mile run at all-comers track meets. After battling with plantar faciaitis for several years, he began cycling and competing in duathlons until the bike eventually became the new passion at age 40. Competing as a 45+ athlete, Steve has placed in local races as well as the State Championship Criterium, Time Trial and Team Time Trial.

    Retiring from teaching was an extremely difficult decision, since he truly enjoyed his job teaching high schoolers how to be fit, eat healthy and have the knowledge to minimize risk of illness and avoid the bad health habits that have become the American way. These days the morning begins with a long walk with the dogs, followed by a bike ride with friends or a client. Steve feels blessed with a wonderful wife of 28 years, a wonderful son and daughter in law, two beautiful beautiful granddaughters, four dogs, and plenty of time to coach, read, and throw the ball for the dogs.

    Events: Endurance Road Riding, Gran Fondos – Centuries, Half Marathon, Marathon, Road Racing, Running, Touring – Multi-day

    Services: Clinics/Camps

    Specialties: Beginning Riding, Master Athletes, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Senior Athletes

    "Working with Steve set me on the path to reaching my goals of becoming a Cat 3 road racer. Throughout the year Steve is in constant contact to access how my training is going and make any adjustments to my monthly training plans in order to peak for specific events - or for the obstacles of life. I would highly recommend Steve as a coach, mentor and friend." ~Kaleb

    "I have worked with Steve when he started with Wenzel Coaching. I appreciated the custom training program he provided with the flexibility to include the group rides with m friends that I did not want to forgo because I was on a Coaching Program. The Wenzel Program yields results and Steve was able to integrate training techniques around my lifestyle requirements." ~ B. Thomas

    "Steve provided a well balanced and deliberately paced approach to fitness. He was conscientious about following up and checking my progress. Steve's approach helped me focus on developing my health as well as my strength and endurance. He has had a lasting impact on how I approach my workouts over the long term as well as the day to day routines. I thoroughly recommend him." ~ Kevin G

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