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    Todd Hunter

    Head Coach / Cary, North Carolina

      Head Coach Todd Hunter rides around red course tape at the NCCX Salisbury race. Wenzel Coaching Head Coach Todd Hunter directs a rider through a corner during a cyclocross camp in North Carolina 2016 Wenzel Head Coach Todd Hunter rails his mountain bike through a corner on a dirt trail Head Coach Todd Hunter rides very fast around a corner at the NCCX Salisbury race. Wenzel Coaching Head Coach Todd Hunter corners in a park on his cyclocross bike Head Coach Todd Hunter

    Todd Hunter is a USA Cycling certified Level 2 Coach and professional bike fitter in Cary, North Carolina with over 25 years of racing experience in mountain bike, cyclocross, road, BMX and Formula cars. He also has a passion for dialing in bike fits to maximize riding efficiency.

    An off-road specialist at heart, Todd is available for monthly training programs and specializes in one-on-one dirt riding skills building sessions. He works with small clinic groups, teams, and couples in cyclocross and mountain bike-specific riding. Todd’s knowledge isn’t limited to off-road: He also has years of road cycling experience and knowledge and is available for road riders looking to optimize strength, endurance, climbing ability and other road riding aspects.

    Todd’s clients benefit from his extensive racing experience and an ability to teach the factors that lead to performance, including proper training and recovery, bike handling and technical skills, and a winning mindset. Todd’s clients have achieved everything from category upgrades and placings in local goal races, to medals and top-5 finishes at the US National Mountain Bike and US Cyclocross Championships. With his wealth of knowledge of the competitive cycling world as well as additional years of working in the customer service realm, Todd uses his skills, passion and compassion to help his clients achieve their goals by balancing training, work and family efficiently.

    Todd started racing BMX in North Carolina at age 11 and quickly established himself, winning many regional and national events across the US. He followed his passion for BMX racing to California and Hawaii where eventually took up the sport of Formula Car racing, winning many races and a championship. After moving back to North Carolina, Todd returned to his roots of BMX racing, again winning regional and national events. Then discovered the sport of cyclocross, using his skills and racing experience he has won state championships and series titles. Also has placed consistently on the podium in the Southern Classic XC MTB Series as a Cat 1.

    Todd lives in Cary, North Carolina with his wife Dorothy (who is an accomplished ultra runner) and their cat Gizmo. They enjoy running, hiking and riding in the mountains and going to the beach when the surf is up.

    Learn more about private skills lessons and bike fitting with Todd Hunter in the tabs above.

    Events: Cyclocross, Endurance Mountain Biking, Endurance Road Riding, Gravel Grinders, Mountain Bike Racing, Road Racing

    Services: Bike Fitting, Clinics/Camps, Consultation, Skills Training, Training Programs

    Specialties: Dirt Skills, Elite Development, Junior Athletes, Master Athletes, Return from Illness, Return from Injury, Return from Overtraining, Senior Athletes, Working Athletes

    "Todd is an amazingly patient and understanding coach. He focuses on one skill/technique/workout and lets you get a full understanding of why, how and the benefit before moving onto the next thing to learn. Sometimes coaches can overload you with "all the things you need to change", but Todd has made me feel comfortable that I can learn at my own pace with the help of his knowledge." ~Connie F.

    “I wanted to expound on my experiences with Todd since becoming a Wenzel Coaching client. Todd has been a godsend for me; he is quite possibly the best coach ever !! Really !! I was with a coach prior to (Todd) and did not garner half the results I have seen since being with Todd. He is knowledgeable, has a deep and diverse skillset, patient, encouraging, compassionate, and an overall badass cyclist. As a person, he is beyond reproach. I know I am gushing but I wanted you to know that he is an amazing individual and coach. I am not the only one who thinks this … In addition, when out riding, folks will stop and ask me if I am coaching with Todd (obviously prompted by the fact that I am wearing a Wenzel Coaching kit). When I answer yes, they never fail to tell me what a great person and athlete Todd is and to tell me that I have got one super coach. I couldn't agree with them more.” ~H Pinney

    "I took advantage of Ron's recommendation to have a fitting by Todd and can now also recommend Todd's work wholeheartedly. He worked with me through my strengths and limitations, always kept my goals and riding style in mind, and attentively listened to my feedback. Together, we determined the best fit for me, both bike and cleats. I had previously worked through an online self-fit and it quickly became apparent how far off that was. I'm looking forward to much more comfortable and efficient rides. If you haven't had a professional fit before it may well be the time, especially before the TdC." ~ Phil

    "You are the man!!!!!!
    Rode 35 miles no hand issues.
    You are a freaking genius.
    Thank you very much.
    I have lots of new found power and I can stay in the drops for a longer period of time. Feels awesome.
    Thanks for your advice!" ~ Jonas C.

    "I had the opportunity to work with Todd during one of the pre-season clinics and what I learned in that time was so helpful! I appreciated that Todd gave step by step details on the various CX skills - he broke down each step and showed how all the steps worked together in the end. Todd also provided some great tips on CX racing in general that I will definitely use! Todd was very patient and great to work with! I look forward to CX season with a new set of skills under my belt, thanks to Todd." ~ Tracie W.

    "Todd, The ride was awesome!I have never been more comfortable on a ride. I made the 80 miles ... I'm sold on the fitting and I told everyone about your business. Thanks for changing my ride." ~ Sean H.

    "I began working with Todd about a year ago, after deciding to shift my focus from multi-sport to cyclocross and mountain bike racing -- at age 49. I needed a coach who could help me maximize my fitness, hone my technical skills, and develop more effective pre-race routines and racing strategies -- while accommodating a demanding work schedule (60-70 hours/week) and frequent business-related travel. Todd delivered. He spent a great deal of time with me one-on-one, dialing in my bike fit, developing my technical skills (cornering, barriers, riding in sand) and self-confidence, and teaching me how to warm up and how to race smart. The training plans are thorough, specific, and designed around my goals and limiters. I am amazed and delighted with the results I have been able to achieve. This past cyclocross season (my second full season), I was consistently on the podium and upgraded from a Cat 3 to a Cat 1. In addition, I consistently placed 1st or 2nd in regional mountain bike races, and earned a silver medal at USAC XC Nationals. Thanks, Todd, for making me a better, stronger and smarter cyclist!" ~ S Helm-Murtagh

    "Todd is passionate about coaching and gives back what his athletes put in, if not more. A year ago I set modest goals for my road and cross seasons, hoping for a cat-up and podium or two, and now I've earned cat-ups in both disciplines, not to mention made regular appearances on the podium. The physical training is well-explained each month through both written plans and conversations, and Todd is ready to help with the mental game too, whenever a fire needs lighting or life just gets challenging. He has definitely helped me go well beyond my own expectations." ~ Christy

    "So, I've ridden my bike and LOVE the changes. It's working well for me. I've given your info to a couple of my friends. Thanks again," ~Aaron

    "Thanks for a super clinic and great coaching. As a beginner, it was nice to have a positive environment to learn in. " ~ Laura

    "Wanted to let you know after riding a bit Friday evening and following your advice on the mount and dismount I decided to go for riding the Specialized in the Tri. Was so glad I did! I loved the bike and the setup. I actually rode in the drops quite a bit on the course and I never felt comfortable doing that much on my other road bike. I had my best mph time ever ... Can't wait for my next long ride where I can enjoy the ride even more without worrying about speed. I really appreciate all the information, expertise, and patience you had with us. I've already told my fellow "Tri It For Life" members that were at the tri about you and I will continue to recommend your services. Thanks again!" ~Karen

    "Todd has been an incredible coach. All business, but knows the importance of keeping everything fun. His thorough focus and positive attitude, helped me not only get a road upgrade (as planned) this year, but made for many great individual results and memories. Looking forward to cyclocross and to next year!" ~T.Hancock

    "Todd has far exceeded my expectations in providing very high quality MTB skills training for both my son - a beginner mountain biker - and myself - an intermediate level mountain biker. Todd's many years of racing experience, along with his outstanding ability to communicate in terms appropriate for any given rider's level, make him a true standout. I highly recommend Todd to anyone interested in becoming a better & faster cyclist." ~ Keith Q

    "Before I started my program with Wenzel Coaching, I was a somewhat competitive Cat 3 racer. I was looking to improve, so I looked into some coaching options and found Wenzel. I met with one of their local coaches named Todd Hunter to talk about training. Off the bat he inspired with the confidence that I could start winning races and eventually reach a Cat 2 and then a Cat 1 level if I stuck to my training plan. So we decided to give it a shot and thanks to my program and the awesome one-on-one help with my workouts and skills from Todd, what was once a goal became reality. I am now consistently taking podium spots at Cat 2 races and have even won a couple. The guys I race with and my friends have noticed my rapid improvement and commented on my performance multiple times. I have no doubt that next season I will be racing at a Cat 1 level and maybe even going to Nationals! Todd has kept me motivated and continuously setting higher goals for myself throughout the time I have been working with him. He has, and continues to be an awesome coach and has more than earned his promotion to Associate Coach!" ~Hayden M

    Bicycle Fitting Services with Head Coach Todd Hunterwenzel-coach-bike-fit-todd-hunter-get-faster

    Questions to ask yourself about your position on the bike:

    • Does your saddle feel uncomfortable?
    • Are you having any knee pain or hot spots on your feet?
    • Do you have any pressure on your hands?
    • Do your back, neck and shoulders ache?
    • Do you not feel efficient or powerful?

    If you answer yes to any of these questions, a professional bike fit with Head Coach Todd Hunter of Wenzel Coaching can help you! In his fitting studio in Cary, North Carolina, Todd offers a dynamic, comprehensive bike fit that will optimize comfort, power, efficiency and performance. Adjustments are based on the rider pedaling the bike under load, as this will provide him with a better understanding of the rider’s biomechanics in motion.

    This dynamic fit is available to all levels of riders regardless of their experience or brand of bike.  Todd fits road, cyclocross, mountain, flat bar, triathlon and time trial bikes. Each fit follows a multi-step process to ensure the rider’s satisfaction:

    • Interview: The session will begin with an interview of the rider’s goals, type of riding they do and any concerns and previous injuries.
    • Pre-assessment: A physical pre-assessment will be completed to check flexibility, range of motion, foot structure, leg length discrepancy, etc. This will assist Todd in determining the best possible position.
    • Assessment: With on the bike assessments, the goal is to deliver a neutral position. All aspects will be covered including a neutral cleat placement, saddle fore/aft, leg extension, bars and stem, hood placement, hip angle, and knee alignment, etc.
    • Documentation: A full documentation of the bike’s current measurement and new adjustments will be kept on file.
    • Follow-up: The rider can expect a follow-up call or email a week or so after the fit to discuss the effectiveness of the adjustments and to schedule a quick minor adjustment if needed.

     Cost and Time for Bike Fitting:

    • $175.00 for road, cyclocross, mountain, triathlon, flat bar bike. Plan for 2-3 hours.
    • $85.00 for a knee and foot alignment session. Plan for 1 hour.
    • $50.00 Cleat setup, professionally installed cleats will help avoid foot, ankle, knee and hip pain commonly caused by improper installation. Plan for 30 minutes.

    Learn from a SE Elite Master’s series champion

    Improve your basic skills or focus on race-specific components through one on one sessions with one of the Southeast’s best cyclocross racers and dirt riding skill teachers, Head Coach Todd Hunter of Cary, NC.

    During your private cyclocross lesson, Todd will walk you through each skill you want to work on, explaining how to master the start, barriers, braking, cornering and other components, breaking it down to the level you need for mastery. In addition, learn tips such as optimal tire pressure, warm-ups, and mental skills for approaching challenging terrain and racing.

    Each lesson can be individualized to you or up to a group of three. See special pricing below.

    Some ideas for one-on-one cyclocross skills with Todd Hunter:

    • Cornering
    • Dismounts/Remounts
    • Bike carrying and barriers
    • Descending
    • Off-camber terrain
    • Run-ups
    • Starts – fast clip-ins
    • Riding in sand
    • Passing
    • Areas that have held you back in races in the past
    • Any skill you’d like to work on




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