For Clubs and Teams

Customized Coaching, Clinics and Seminars for Your Club or Group

If your club would like a one-time seminar or regular visits by a local Wenzel Coach, contact us! We can set up and run training sessions for you, including on-bike skills training for your team. You may want to learn about basic or advanced group riding and racing skills, have a supervised lead-out and sprint training session, or work on climbing, descending or paceline riding. We can guide you as you practice MTB or CX skills or team tactics. We can also give your club a sit-down class on training, power-meter use, nutrition, equipment choices for specific events or just about anything else related to cycling, triathlon or running.

Discounts on Coaching: Sponsorship for Your Club or Team

Wenzel Coaching sponsors clubs and teams of all sizes with discounted coaching. A sponsored club works with a particular Wenzel coach who provides high quality, tested individual or group training plans as well as organization and motivation for your club to work as a team. Having several athletes on similar training plans makes it possible to do group training rides or runs in a way that benefits all participants. Your club’s Wenzel coach can also set up occasional or regular seminars and clinics for you.Sponsorship is by yearly agreement. At least five club members must sign up at time of sponsorship, and the Wenzel Coaching logo must appear on the team jersey or shorts.

In exchange for displaying the Wenzel Coaching logo on the club team jerOregon Bike Shop Team sponsored by Wenzel Coaching - Get Fastersey, website and other official materials, Wenzel Coaching sponsored clubs receive:

  • A designated Wenzel Coach who will plan the club’s general coaching and attend club meetings frequently.
  • Personalized training programs for club members at a significantly discounted rate. (View the Wenzel Coaching Club Sponsorship Guide)
  • Wenzel Coaching monthly training summary for its printed newsletter or club site, applicable to weekend racers following a typical season common to the area.
  • Discounted one-on-one training and consultation for groups or multi-hour packages.
  • Organized group training arranged by the club’s Wenzel Coach (if requested by club and depending on location and coach availability).

Sponsored clubs may leave the coaching payments completely to their members or arrange a subsidy where Wenzel Coaching will bill the club directly for a portion of each paid member’s coaching or set-up fees. Contact Wenzel Coaching for details on a subsidy program.

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