Mental Training

Sports Psychology Training

High levels of both physical and psychological fitness are required for athletic success. While good physical fitness can to some extent make up for gaps in psychological fitness, the brain ultimately controls the muscles and mental and emotional variables control how well the muscles can do their jobs. Optimizing psychological fitness is the way to insure that an athlete gets the results that his or her body is prepared for.

Meet Wenzel Coaching’s Mental Training Experts:

  • Paul Page Hanson: Trained in psychotherapy and active mountain bike and cyclocross racer. Coaching/training program packages are also available with Paul.
  • Carrie Cheadle, M.A. CC-AASP: Sports and exercise mental-skills coach.
  • Dr. K.C. Wilder: Sports psychologist and Masters National Champion athlete.

Wenzel Coaching offers individual consultation with our mental training skills staff in affordable packages to help you enhance psychological fitness and complement your training. Mental training can help you improve your performance by:

  • Confirming and sticking to your priorities and avoiding undermining your commitment to your goals
  • Overcoming crash fears
  • Recognizing your motivations and triggers
  • Maintaining a positive approach
  • Pre-race relaxation and focus to avoid pre-race anxiety
  • Time trial focus and concentration
  • Communicating better with your teammates
  • Enhancing your current Wenzel Coaching program through cooperation between coach and psychologist
  • Visualizing your success
  • Developing the confidence to make the moves you need to make
  • Developing the motivation to stick to your training program
  • Identifying your priorities to balance work, family and competition
  • Developing mental toughness so you can do what needs to be done
  • Building self esteem
  • Identifying your own personal optimal level of arousal
  • Learning the difference between a typical “training” and more effective “trusting” mind set
  • Accessing your peak-performer self on demand
  • Dealing effectively with competitive pressure
  • Understanding the psychological variables that affect your personal performance

Cost for mental training sessions is dependent on choice of expert.