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For All New Program, Lesson, Bike Fit, and Service Sign-ups:
Complete the SIGN-UP Form with your contact information, choose your coach and service, sign the liability waiver, and make payment. (This will open a new tab at our secure form provider at Emailmeform)

If you are signing up for a monthly ongoing training program, you’ll also fill out the form below after this one.

For athletes signing up for monthly training programs or extended consultation, here’s where you’ll share your experience, goals, and other information to help your coach understand your needs. Once you are signed up, your coach will work with you to gather additional information needed to make an excellent training plan. (This will open a new tab at our secure form provider at Emailmeform.) You will still need to fill out the Sign-up Form above as well.

If you are signing up for a self-guided program (such as Pole Pedal Paddle) or consultation services such as skills sessions, bike fit, or nutrition packages, you DO NOT need to fill out the Data Form unless directed to by your coach.

Payment Options:

Pay online by Visa, Mastercard, American Express, Paypal, or pay by Check. You will be directed to the payment page from the Athlete Sign-up Form. If you did not pay through your sign-up, please call 925-933-7306.
Money back guarantee – 30 days.

Online Payments

Money Back Guarantee – 30 Days

For assistance with sign-up, please call 503-233-4346 or email info@