Experienced Endurance MTB Coaching for the Long Haul

Associate Coach Ron Castia tackles clay mud in a mountain bike stage race.

Leadville 100, BC Bike Race, High Cascades 100, or Ruta de los Conquistadores anyone? How about a 50 miler gravel grinder or going solo on the mtb for 12 or 24 hours? If you’re a fan of long epic races in the dirt, this plan is for you. Whether you are planning your first attempt at an endurance race or looking to improve your time, your coach will guide you through the training as well as the ins and outs of riding off-road for extended hours (and days) in an ultra endurance event. You’ll dial in your training builds, recovery, nutrition and pacing so that you go into your event confident and prepared. You’ll discuss and plan everything from gearing to fueling to lighting and support-staff needs.

Your experienced coach will help you hone your nutrition, pacing and equipment needs for your extended event, removing the guesswork and building confidence.

Wenzel Coaching offers training programs for endurance mtb racing with coaches who have both ridden and coached 24-Hour races such as 24-Hours of Moab and major events such as the Leadville 100 and the Ruta de los Conquistadores. We’ll help you understand the training as well as the little details that make the major undertaking and organization successful for a 100k or 100-miler, a 24-hour race or an extended MTB stage race, or other endurance challenge. Whether you are riding with a team or on your own,  your Wenzel Coach can help make you experience stronger, more comfortable and ultimately faster. View the races of the National Ultra Endurance Series.

Endurance Mountain Bike Racing and Riding programs are available at the following levels:

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