Endurance Road Riding

Endurance & Speed Coaching for Centuries, Tours, & Gran Fondos

Wenzel Coaches regularly train riders for improvement in hundreds of local centuries and gran fondos and strong finishes in well-known rides such as the Death Ride, Seattle to Portland, and LOTOJA as well as rides within series such as Tour de Cure, MS 150 and AIDS Rides, among many others. Our coaches have developed programs based upon a foundation of exercise science and practical experience that have helped hundreds of athletes reach their goals. Whether your goal is to complete your rides faster and more comfortably, ride longer and harder rides, or prepare for your first endurance event or tour, a Wenzel Coach can help plan and guide your training to help you achieve success.

Training for First-Time to Advanced Century & Gran Fondo

A rider gives the thumbs up at the finish of Cycle Oregon

We’ve built many of our programs for athletes who have jobs in the real world but who love tackling long and tough rides. Each program gradually builds up in length and intensity of rides and other training. Road riding, mountain biking and any other form of riding preferred by the client are combined to provide a program that is attainable within the client’s general time schedule. An effort to keep the program challenging and interesting and within reach of the client’s own motivation is primary factor.

Wenzel Coaching client Christopher Man poses for a smile at the end of the Seattle to Portland Ride.
Programs include a personal coach who will guide you the whole way. We work to match each rider with a coach in their specialty who is as familiar as possible with that rider’s available terrain, weather and event conditions. Your coach can help you with questions related to nutrition, equipment, clothing, shoes, tactics, comfort, bike fit, event choice and anything else cycling and training related.

All programs include a written program as well as at least 60 minutes per month of phone or email consultation time to answer any questions and help personalize the schedule to your individual needs. Consultation time is one of the most valuable components of this program and all athletes are encouraged to take advantage of it.