For Women Athletes

Cycling, Triathlon & Running Coaching for Women, by Women

If you are looking for a woman coach, you’ve come to a good place. Wenzel Coaching is 50% woman-owned, and we’ve been teaching and coaching women-directed skills development, endurance performance, race development and other services since 1994.

Wenzel Coaching offers all levels of cycling, triathlon and running advice, from pure beginner to international competitor.

Wenzel Coaching is home to over 20 women coaches and experts, including women who specialize in helping riders new to and experienced in cycling, endurance running or triathlon. Our staff includes multi-time century and marathon finishers, weekend cyclocross racers, ultra-distance trail runners, Ironman distance triathlons along with a host of other accomplished athletes. We have World Champion cyclists, Eco Challenge finishers, and Masters National Champions — all who work with every level of athlete, whether beginner, master, junior or elite.

Like our our clients, the majority of our women coaches have experienced every level — from finishing their first century ride or sprint triathlon, to being dropped in their first local races, to enjoying international success.

We are made up of mothers, career professionals, professional athletes, wives, partners, professors, students and a number of other titles. Each woman coach at Wenzel Coaching can advise on training and nutrition as well as topics such as bike comfort, saddle choice, training around work and family, and balancing goals with real life schedules.

Wenzel Coaching offers training programs with personal coaches, clinics for skills and tactical seminars, bike fitting services and a host of other services that can help you reach your unique goals.

Take a bit of time to check out our coaching staff, articles and clinic offerings for women, and if you have any questions or would like additional information, please feel free to write our call or Coach Placement Advising staff at 503-233-4346 or, or just fill out our interest form. We’ll be happy to advise you on a coach or clinic right for you and your goals.