General Fitness

Personal Training Through Cycling for Fitness and Fun

Whether you are a first-time athlete or a returning one (or even if you don’t yet view yourself as an athlete), Wenzel Coaching makes it possible to afford a personal coach who will help you set and work toward realistic goals in a motivating and sustainable way.

Your workouts will gradually increase while still fitting into the structure of your family, work, and other priorities and time demands of your life. You’ll have your choice of cycling, along with walking, running, swimming, and other activities you enjoy, to build you up from the beginning to a fitness level where you could begin the buildup to a century ride, running event, or other endurance activity. The program includes exercises that will hold your attention and motivate you, helping you look forward to each workout.

Wenzel Coaches who work with general fitness athletes specialize in helping their clients lose or maintain weight and stay on track with their plan.

Your coach will help you with all aspects of exercise, including pacing, nutrition, and optimizing build-up and recovery. General Fitness programs are available using heart rate and/or perceived exertion. Wenzel Coaches who work with fitness athletes specialize in helping their clients lose weight and stay on track with their plan. Your coach will also help you overcome setbacks and avoid injury. Your program will be based on the time you have available to train and will include exercises that work different energy systems. The plan can optionally include gym strength.

All Wenzel Coaching General Fitness programs include at least 1 hour of open consultation time each month to accompany the written program where you can provide feedback and discuss schedule changes, nutrition, specific workout instruction and anything else that will best direct you in your training. Your coach is your second objective brain with the foresight and experience to tell you when to push through and when to back off.