Gravel Grinders

Training for Gravel Grinders

Gravel grinders allow for some of the most scenic but physically challenging riding over longer distances. Classic gravel and mixed terrain events such as the Dirty Kanza, Gorge Roubaix, Oregon Coast Gravel Epic, Battenkill, Love Valley Roubaix, Crusher in the Tushar, Grasshopper Adventure Series and others are tests of toughness and endurance. They require excellent bike handling on loose surfaces, abilities in extended and sometimes steep climbing, and high-speed off-road descending.

Your Wenzel Coach will help you train specifically for the demands of the gravel grinder, including exercises for improving leg strength, threshold and sub-threshold climbing, sustained speed and optimal cadence for the terrain. Working with your coach will improve your endurance and toughness and set you up for a faster, more comfortable ride, whether your event is a speedy jaunt on hard-packed dirt or a rut-filled slog over a hundred miles.

Gravel Grinder Components:

Riders traverse the cobbles at the gravel grinder in France.

  • Off pavement technical skills
  • Bike handling on loose terrain
  • Balance
  • Anticipation of how the bike will handle on specific kinds of terrain
  • Equipment choice
  • Self sufficiency in food, water and tools for various conditions