Individual Level Program

A Personal Coach at an Affordable Price

The Wenzel Coaching Individual level program is a good choice for those who want to work toward their goals through a complete daily training program and a personal coach at an affordable price.

Each month’s program includes a calendar that lays out daily your training exercise and provides the complete exercise instructions along with any strength training, stretching or other specific additions to the program.

An introduction each month includes explanations of training period focuses and answer to frequently asked questions.

Your Individual Program Includes:

Personal Coach
Consultation: 1 hour per month, client initiated
Monthly written training program with daily exercise descriptions

  • DBeginning road racers - Wenzel Coachingirection by heart rate, power meter, or perceived exertion
  • Varied workouts to challenge you and alleviate repetitive training boredom
  • Focused training to address your strengths and areas needing improvement
  • Strength and efficiency through cadence and skills exercises
  • Endurance training for performance and efficiency over longer events
  • Speed and power through interval and sprint training
  • Concentrated climbing exercises (form, strength, and power)
  • Off-season cross training for correcting imbalances, building fitness, and recovery
  • Multi-season compatible (for instance, spring-summer road racing and fall cyclocross racing)
  • Off-season strength training in gym or on bike
  • In-season strength maintenance
  • Tips for making the most of each workout and progression of workouts

Who the Individual Level Program Is Best For:

The Individual program is good for athletes with goals of general improvement and/or performances in local or regional events and for those who have relatively predictable work and family schedules with similar amounts of time to train each weekday (such as a M-F 9-5 job with more time on weekends to train and do events). The advantages of this program include its individualized training and 1 hour of client-initiated consultation monthly with a personal coach.

A Wenzel Coaching athlete concentrates during a mountain bike race.

The programs available at this level have evolved and been updated, refined and reinvented over the 25+ years that Wenzel Coaching has been in business to make them one of the best values available from any coaching outfit and just about the only monthly program from an established coaching organization at this price.

While this program is not customized to the athlete’s exact personal schedule in the creation of the written program, the coach and athlete discuss the changes the athlete may need and pencil in the customization throughout the month.

The exercise times are expressed in ranges so that each athlete can fit them to their time available. The athlete’s feedback is a central part of the program. This program level is available for both heart rate and power-directed training. Triathlon programs are not available at this level.

Consultation details: The included consultation time each month with your Wenzel Coach can be utilized by phone, email, or in person when possible. Consultation time is one of the most valuable components of this program, and all athletes are encouraged to utilize it.

Consultation time can be used to answer questions, review training data files, discuss upcoming or recently completed events or races, and to help personalize the schedule to your individual needs.

Additional minutes beyond the original hour will be billed at the Consultation rate. A written reminder is sent when an athlete nears their included consultation limit. In our experience, very few athletes exceed allotted consultation time each month.

The Written Program: Each monthly program outlines daily the workouts suggested for you to achieve your potential. The program contains a calendar of exercises and descriptions of workouts utilized for that training period.

A written introduction prefaces the concepts and focuses month. The introduction also contains tips, reminders, and answers to frequently asked questions. Coach and athlete discuss and pencil in changes to the program at the beginning of each month in order to customize it to the athlete’s personal/work/family schedules and needs.

Program Rules: Athletes may upgrade or downgrade program levels from month to month in order to take advantage of more customized programming for peak periods. This program level is not available for triathlon.