Ironman Triathlon

An athlete cycles during an Ironman Triathlon event.

Coaching for Ironman/Half Ironman & Endurance Triathlon

This triathlon program is ideal for the athlete who is stepping up to the ultimate challenge in triathlon, whether an Ironman-branded event or other endurance triathlon. Wenzel Coaches help everyone from first-time Ironman competitors with goals of completing the event, to the seasoned competitor who is looking to shave time off previous finishes.

Your coach will guide you through the build-up of volume in each of the three sports, helping you balance the load and the recovery so that you swim, ride and run efficiently throughout your competition. You’ll dial in everything from your warm-up routine to your transition area to your pre, during and post-event nutrition. Nothing is left to guess as your coach uses his or her own experience and the most recent concepts in triathlon training to help you prepare confidently and avoid costly mistakes.

“It’s made a huge difference to my race success after 10 years of triathlons.” ~Erica McKenzie

Athletes on a Ironman training program should be ready to commit at least 14 hours per week to their training at the peak volume. This program can include in-gym strength training if you choose.

An athlete runs during an Ironman Triathlon event.