Mountain Bike XC Racing

Mountain Bike Coaching for Speed and Confidence on the Trail

Wenzel mountain bike coaches guide riders to everything from beginning skills to peak performances in cross country, short track and endurance mtb events. For each athlete, we match a personal mtb coach that is familiar with the distances, terrain challenges, conditions and competition similar to that the client experiences in his or her racing. (For 12-24 Hour and Ultra Endurance Racing, see the Endurance Mountain Biking page.)

MTB Program Details

Wenzel training programs for mountain bike racing include exercises aimed at speed, power, endurance and strength as well as work specific to mountain bike cadences, climbing, descending and riding on various surfaces. You’ll learn pedaling, gearing and weighting techniques for mud, gravel, sand, steep inclines and other challenges. MTB programs are built on off-road and road riding as well as strength through gym work or on-bike-strength or a combination of the two.

Learn pedaling, gearing and weighting techniques for mud, gravel, sand, steep inclines and other challenges. Individual and group skill sessions are available.

Off-season training allows for cross training (such as cyclocross, running or skiing) in addition to other cross training arranged by you and your coach. Mountain bike-specific strength can include gym strength or on-bike strength or a combination of both.

Athletes who also dabble in downhill and super-D racing can also find guidance from our coaches with experience in those disciplines.

Wenzel Coaching Junior Development Team members ride together during a mountain bike race.

Wenzel Coaching offers a variety of mountain bike training programs for all levels of mountain bikers. You can search our coach profiles for specialties in the mtb events you want to excel in.

Skills sessions and lessons are also available for those who want to take their skills to the next level or who want to hone their confidence and handling on the dirt for beginning racing.

All monthly Wenzel Coaching programs include at least 60 minutes of open consultation time each month to accompany the written program.

Wenzel Coach and racer Aaron Oakes climbs a hill on the mountain bike
A Wenzel Coaching mountain bike rider takes a turn on the mtb