A velodrome with no riders on itTrack Racing Programs for Endurance & Sprint Events

Wenzel Coaching’s experienced and studied track coaches will help you reach your potential on the velodrome through a detailed program whether your event is 200 meters, 4000 meters or mass start. We can provide guidance to anyone from afar or hands-on in areas where one of our track coaches lives near your local velodrome.

Endurance Track Programs include:

  • Pursuit
  • Points Race
  • Madison
  • Scratch
  • Miss ‘n Out
  • Omnium

Sprint Track Programs include:

  • Match Sprint
  • Team Sprint
  • Olympic Sprint
  • 200/500 meters
  • Kilometer
  • Keirin

Wenzel Coaching currently offers endurance track programs as an extension of our road/crit programs or as specialized Custom level track training programs. In our experience, track racing-specific training programs are most effective at the Custom Program level due to the specific scheduling of event distances, track availability timing and individual needs.* Riders looking to include track in an overall road or mountain bike season or using track as preparation for other events may be able to work more informal track racing into Individual or SemiCustom programs.

Wenzel Coaching coaches have a rich tradition of experience and results for Pursuit, Points Race, and Madison on the velodrome including:

  • World Championship Medalists
  • Pan American Medalists
  • US Elite Track Nationals Medalists
  • US Master Track Nationals Medalists

Depending on your racing level and area of the country, we have several coaches available to coach track sprint events. Programming for Match Sprint, 200 Meter TT, 500 Meter TT, Kilometer and Olympic Sprint are currently available at the Custom level. Custom program pricing may vary from coach to coach for organized, hands-on track time. Check with Wenzel Coaching and the specific coach for details.