Triathlon – Olympic/Sprint Distance

Coaching for Olympic & Sprint Triathlon Performance Improvement

duathlon-medalists-Wenzel-Coaching-Get-FasterThis program is ideal for the Sprint or Olympic distance triathlete who is looking to get started or bump performance up to a higher level in several events in a season, perhaps with one or two peak events. This program focuses on developing an endurance base and then speed in the three components plus transitions. It includes build-ups and tapers for peak performances at your target events.

Your coach will help you hone your strengths and improve on your weaknesses as well as focus on improvement in a single sport, such as improving your cycling time trial leg. Just as importantly, your coach will help you balance your training and racing time with the other demands in your life such as work and family.

The monthly program tells you daily what you can do to make efficient use of your available training time and is scalable to fit the amount of time you want to devote to your training. You can target a single event or work with a year-round program that prepares you for the event season and then helps you maintain fitness for a long peak followed by rest and building up to a higher peak the following year. This program can include in gym strength training if you choose.