XTERRA Triathlon

XTERRA Triathlon Coaching for All Levels

Whether you’re tackling your first XTERRA triathlon or looking to improve on you performance, Wenzel Coaching’s XTERRA coaching staff can help. Your coach will guide you through the build-up in each of the three sports and their specific off-road and open-water challenges, helping you balance the load and the recovery so that you swim, ride and run efficiently and confidently throughout your competition.

Features of XTERRA Triathlon Training Programs & Coaching:
  • Understanding and applying what you know from Ironman/Road Triathlon and learning what’s different
  • Improving mountain bike skills to get you confidently through your race, including technical descents
  • Avoiding injury
  • Training for technical trail runs
  • Figuring out the best trails for training toward specific events
  • Choosing and benefitting from your equipment
  • Connecting with races and people who compete in XTERRA
  • Improving swimming, especially open water swimming
  • Balancing the training demand of swimming, cycling and running
  • Pacing and judging proper energy expenditure over extended climbs while still leaving enough for the run
  • Balancing family support and involvement in training and racing

You’ll dial in your training, recovery, warm-up routine, transition areas and your pre, during and post event nutrition. Nothing is left to guess as your coach uses experience and the most recent concepts in triathlon training to help you prepare confidently and avoid costly mistakes.